Clue Jr. The Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake - 2003
Front Side
Reverse Side
Finally a Clue Jr. game based on the classic clue look! The concept of Clue Jr. the Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake is that one of the famous six suspects has snatched a piece of cake from the kitchen - and before dinner too! As a detective playing one of the suspects, one must search the various rooms of the mansion in order to find out whodunit... at what time they dunit... and what they had to drink with it.

Was it Miss Scarlet who ate the cake with a cola at 3:00? Or did Colonel Mustard do it at 4:00 with a glass of lemonade?
The Suspects: Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum
The Drinks: Apple Juice, Chocolate Milk, Cola, Water, Lemonade
The Locations: Chair, Dining Table, Piano, Planter, Pool Table, Desk
The Times: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00

Hasbro has finally made a decent Clue Jr. game in terms of artwork. Bringing back the Clue suspects in their original form and entirety makes this truly a "Clue" game. The artwork is wonderful. The miniature-ized suspects lose none of their character appeal, but have gained a child-like appreciation. The board retains the standard Clue Mansion layout without seeming to modernize it which gives a nostalgic feel without feeling outdated. One interesting and fun note is that the player who last ate a piece of cake is allowed the first turn!
The picture to the left was obtained from Hasbro's website. It was an early photograph of the game before release. The most notable and unfortunate change is the subtitle from "Who stole the cake and ate it too?" to the more bland "The case of the missing chocolate cake." Also there are a couple small changes on the board - a planter from the study has been removed as has something (perhaps a chair) from the corner of the ballroom - presumably to not confuse young players as to which room the furniture pieces should be placed.