Clue Jr. Case of the Missing Pet - 1989
Front Side
Reverse Side
In this Clue game specially designed for the younger crowd, you play a detective in the case of the missing pet. By searching the local mall, you uncover clues and elimate suspects and stores until you discover whodunit!
The Detectives: Samantha Scarlet, Mortimer Mustard, Wendy White,
Georgie Green, Polly Peacock, Peter Plum
The Pets: Dog, Monkey, Turtle, Cat, Bird
The Stores: Signs, Wigs, Rugs, Bank, Dentist, Glasses
The cover of this Clue Jr. game is a great representation of the 1986-1992 Clue box covers. Each character is in the same position with similar clothing and expressions.

The premise of the game is exciting and unique. As a detective, you must examine clues such as eye color or floor type to discover the culprit of the missing pet. The moving around the board using a die is very reminicent of the Classic Clue.

One downside to this game is that there are only 24 solutions to the crime. The clue are masked in red ink and can only be read with a special magnifying glass.

Downside aside, this is a great version worthy of reccommendation.