US Clue Game - 2002
A new take on an old theme! This stylish version of Clue is very abstract/cubic. The feel of the game aptly represents a 1920s era murder mystery!
The Suspects:

Miss Josephine Scarlet: Seductive Josephine Scarlet is the daughter of Mrs. Patricia (Scarlet) Peacock. With jealousy and envy the foundation of their relationship, the two seldom speak. An aspiring actress, her aspirations far exceed her talent. Career in a tailspin, Miss Scarlet focused her attention on a brand new interest - rich old widowers. As a result, the London Tabloids had a field day covering her exploits. To avoid more bad publicity, she reluctantly joined her mother for a long holiday at Tudor Mansion.

Colonel Michael Mustard: Col. Mustard, a frequent guest at Tudor Mansion, was an old acquaintance of Sir Hugh Black. He later befriended Sir Hugh's nephew, John Boddy. Although Mustard's military career was not undistinguished; he was more of a legend in his own mind. After retiring, Mustard convinced a publisher that his military exploits would make a good book. Having received several advanced payments he has produced only one chapter. Meanwhile, creditors hound him in search of payments due.

Mrs. Blanche White: Mrs. White was John Boddy's long-time housekeeper and cook. When Boddy first came to live at Tudor Mansion as a young child, Mrs. White served as his nanny. She was one of the few employees retained after his uncle's death. AS cook, Mrs. White enjoyed experimenting, although dinner guests viewed her menus with great apprehension. Now 63, Mrs. White appears to have little to show for her years of dedicated service.

Mr. John Green aka Reverend Green: Young John Green received his "calling" early in life. At the age of 12 he began preaching at revivals and later took to calling himself "Reverend." While traveling in England, spreading his own version of "rob from the rich and give to the poor," he met Sir Hugh Black and his nephew John Boddy. Rumor has it that the police have questioned Green regarding allegations of fraud, smuggling and money laundering.

Mrs. Patricia Peacock: A social "butterfly," Mrs. Peacock dabbled in the theatre and dreamed of a career on the stage. She was forced to leave England after her involvement in a messy romantic triangle with two important political figures. While traveling in the United States, she befriended Margaret Boddy, mother of John Boddy. Widowed thrice, she has one daughter Miss Josephine Scarlet. Because of Peacock's lavish lifestyle, her late husband's fortune is now nearly exhausted.

Professor Peter Plum: An expert in ancient Mid-Eastern history, Professor Plum gave up teaching for high adventure in Egypt. Sir Hugh Black funded several archeological expeditions for Plum, and it was through Sir Hugh that the Professor met John Boddy. Not long ago, Plum was accused of plagiarism and summarily dismissed from his job at the British Museum. Much of Plum's writings had allegedly been "lifted" from the notes of a colleague who had been killed in a freak accident.

The Story:

Unfortunately, you've arrived a bit too late to meet John Boddy. He's just been murdered. The 29-year-old victim was the nephew of the late Sir Hugh Black, the previous owner of Tudor Mansion.

Orphaned at an early age, young John Boddy was brought to Tudor Mansion to be raised by his uncle. Sir Hugh, however, had no idea how to deal with a child - so he sent Boddy off to the finest boarding school in England. During holidays, his housekeeper, Mrs. White, tended to the boy.

Boddy worked hard in school, earned his doctorate in anthropology, and returned to Tudor Mansion after his uncle's death. The never-married Sir Hugh had placed his estate in Trust, to be inherited by Boddy on his thirtieth birthday.

Although he was known in society as Mr. John Boddy, locals addressed their neighbor as Dr. Black, after his late uncle.

Soon enough, Boddy discovered a steady trickle of "allowances" from his late uncle's estate to unknown persons, for unknown reasons. Was Black being blackmailed? Was he supporting a secret cause? Or was it something far more nefarious?

Boddy vowed to get to the bottom of these murky financial dealings. To that end, he invited Sir Hugh's former associates to Tudor Mansion for a weekend visit. It was during this weekend with all of his colorful guests in attendance, that Boddy was mysteriously murdered!
The Weapons: Knife, Candlestick, Revolver, Rope, Lead Pipe, Wrench
The Rooms: Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ball Room,
Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, Study
Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box