The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Disney Theme Park Edition Clue - November 17, 2007
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The Cast: Minnie Mouse as the Starlet (Miss Scarlet), Donald Duck as the Director (Colonel Mustard), Mickey Mouse as the Leading Man (Mrs. White), Pete as the Agent (Mr. Green), Daisy Duck as the Child Star (Mrs. Peacock), Goofy as the Bellhop (Professor Plum)
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The Props: Clapboard, Camera, Room Key, Script, Film Reel, Mickey Statuette
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The Locations: Lobby (Hall), Lounge, Boiler Room (Dining Room), Kitchen, Tip Top Club (Ballroom), Terrace (Conservatory), Billiard Room, Library, Guest Room #1313 (Study)
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Solution Envelope (Front Side)
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Box Description: "The setting is 1939 Hollywood, and the historic Hollywood Tower Hotel is center stage for this intriguing mystery adventure. A cast of your favorite Disney characters are each in a different location of the Hotel and each with a different movie prop when a violent storm hits. Striking the Hotel with powerful lightening bolts, the storm causes the elevators to plunge uncontrollably and the lights to flicker. Soon, the terrified cast members discover that one of them is missing from somewhere in the hotel with one of the movie props."

The Tower of Terror theme is the perfect sequel in the line of Disney Theme Park Edition Clue games. The setting is suitably eerie and the locations of the Hollywood Tower Hotel transform into the classic game layout with ease.

A lot of attention to detail has been put into this game. The suspect cards featuring a full background image from a first person perspective of the hotel locations is a nice touch - even though the doing away with Pluto in lieu of Pete is nearly unforgivable. The black-and-white of the weapon cards plays upon both the pewter tokens and the black-and-white tv show, The Twilight Zone upon which the game is based. The exception to this, however, is the Mickey Statuette which is gold - perhaps because the award is gold or perhaps because... well... he's Mickey!

The rooms and their artwork are superb. Hidden Mickeys - three circles forming a Mickey head shape - can be found throughout such as with the dishes in the kitchen sink. The only odd room on the board is perhaps the Guest Room #1313 which appears on the ground floor. It's also strange that there is no Dining Room. Perhaps it would have been better to make the Study into the Boiler room and keep a Dining Room - doing away with the Guest Room altogether. The other main fault of the board is that the makers have eliminated some of the doors - one to the Tip Top Club (Ballroom), one to the Library, one to the Lobby (Hall), and one to the Boiler Room (Dining Room) - which makes travel around the board even more difficult.

Other nice touches include the solution envelope made to look like a Do Not Disturb sign - that works on so many levels - and a die with glow in the dark pips!

Overall, this is an exceptional game in terms of beauty and concept. Let's just keep our fingers crossed now for "It's a Small World Clue!"
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Side Panel Featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Side Panel Featuring Daisy Duck

Side Panel Featuring Donald Duck and Goofy

Side Panel Featuring Pete