The Simpsons Clue Game - 3rd Edition - Circa October, 2007
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Krusty the Clown has disappeared! Along with good ol' Smithers. (Hmmm...) But that's a mystery for another day. This update of the Simpsons/Clue franchise brings us back to Springfield once again on the hunt for Mr. Burns' ruthless killer. How many times can one man die? This time, the dastardly deed has taken place at the opening gala of the Springfield Natural History Museum where Burns' body was found in the rib cage of a dinosaur skeleton. The ever-astute Chief Wiggum is on the case. And of course, he's rounded up six costumes so the suspects can play along as their favorite Clue characters.
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The SUSPECTS: Edna Krabappel as Miss Scarlet, Bart Simpson as Col. Mustard, Marge Simpson as Mrs. White, Fat Tony as Mr. Green, Lisa Simpson as Mrs. Peacock, Homer Simpson as Prof. Plum

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The WEAPONS: Cobra, Bone, Mace, Greek Bust, Spear, Tarantula

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The LOCATIONS: Egyptian Room, Early Man Room, Dinosaur Room, Great Inventions Room, Greek Room, Animal Diorama Room, Springfield History Room, Jewel Room, Medieval History Room

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The Simpsons are - or at least were? - highly collectable, so it's no wonder that Hasbro keeps churning these games out. This newest edition of the Simpson Clue game, however, is actually a very good concept. The museum theme has been done before in Clue - The Great Museum Caper and worked well then. But unlike that game with its totally unique gameplay, this edition is merely a new face on the classic game.

The change in characters is very distracting. Homer went from being Green to Plum. Bart from Plum to Mustard. Marge from Peacock to White. Lisa from Scarlet to Peacock. Krusty and Smithers, who never really belonged in the first place, have been replaced by Edna Krabapple as Scarlet and Fat Tony as Green. Edna and Tony, though, actually make a good transition to the Scarlet and Green personas. It is also nice to see Kent Brockman "reporting live" on the box insert providing an intro into the game's concept.

The artwork of the board is fantastic. It's highly detailed in every way and one could spend hours purusing the subtle show references. The suspect tokens are painted plastic which makes a nice break from the pewter tokens of past. Unfortunately, we're still stuck with pewter weaponry. Overall, though, one doesn't mind as the world of the Springfield USA comes alive at Mr. Burns' death right in front of us.
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