The Simpsons Clue Game (Version One) - 2000
Who Killed Mr. Burns... again? Chief Wiggum has found Mr. Burns dead, and now the Simpsons gang (and Mr. Smithers and Krusty the Clown) must gather clues from around Springfield within the next 24 hours to figure out whodunit.
The Suspects: Lisa Simpson as Miss Scarlet, Krusty the Clown as Colonel
Mustard, Waylon Smithers as Mrs. White, Homer Simpson as Mr. Green,
Marge Simpson as Mrs. Peacock, Bart Simpson as Professor Plum
Weapons: Poisoned Donut, Extend-O-Glove, Necklace,
Slingshot, Plutonium Rod, Saxophone
Locations: Burns Manor, Krustylu Studios, Barney's Bowl-A-Rama,
Kwik-E-Mart, Nuclear Power Plant, Springfield Retirement Castle,
The Simpson House, The Frying Dutchman, The Android's Dungeon
Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box
D'oh! Mr. Burns is dead... again!

The Simpsons brand is hot and has endured for years. The popular cliff-hanger episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" is the obvious inspiration for this special edition Clue game. The premise is that the characters dress up as the Clue suspects to help Chief Wiggum figure out who killed Burns.

The Simpsons art style is a world-wide favorite. There is little to criticize in this edition. It is a fun representation of the Simpsons world in the style of the 1996 edition Clue game. Interesting cameos include the three-eyed fish, Burns' teddy bear, Krusty's monkey, Snowball, and Santa's Little Helper.

Thank you, come again.
In a sad, but typical, twist of fate, the original box art as shown in the early advertisement depicted to the left, the game's original suspects were Homer as Mr. Green, Marge as Mrs. Peacock, Grandpa as Colonel Mustard, Lisa as Miss Scarlet, Bart as Professor Plum, and Maggie as Mrs. White. As Maggie played an infamous role in the actual "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" episode, it's sad to see her in favor of Mr. Smithers. Also, Santa's Little Helper would have been a clever addition to replace the little black dog that appears on the actual clue box this represents.