Clue Mysteries - Decoding Detective Game - 2005
Very reminiscent of the Clue Master Detective style with a fusion of Clue FX, this Clue game reintroduces the FX characters by jumping on the prequel bandwagon and offering up 50 cases to solve based on the events occuring the Summer before the murder of Attorney Medowbrook from Clue FX.
The SUSPECTS (Box Insert)

Miss Josephine Scarlet Age: 25 - An aspiring actress with a history of unflattering reviews, wealthy escorts and estrangement from her mother, Mrs. Patricia Peacock. Would she accidentally uncover a well-guarded family secret?

Colonel Michael Mustard Age: 61 - After a mediocre military career in England, he served with some distinction in Africa. Now penniless and hounded by creditors, he's struggling to pen his memoirs. What dark secret from his past is haunting him?

Mrs. Blanche White Age: 62 - She was Sir Hugh's cook, housekeeper, and nanny to his young nephew John Boddy. With little to show for decades of dedicated service, she now wants compensation. What delicious scheme is she cooking up to get it?

Reverend John Green Age: 53 - A pastor with a shady past, the charismatic "Reverend" had several run-ns with the law in America. Escaping to England, he quickly began courting wealthy patrons. By what unholy schemes will he fleece his new flock?

Mrs. Patricia Peacock Age: 48 - This socialite and three-time widow is running low on youth and inheritance. What is she hiding from her daughter, Josephine? And what juicy tidbits can be found in her diary?

Professor Peter Plum Age: 37 - Formerly a professor of Ancient Mid-Eastern Culture, Plum made several trips to Egypt - all funded by Sir Hugh Black - in search of ancient artifacts. Will he find the secret map that leads to a tomb full of hidden treasure?

Miss Amelia Peach Age: 22 - After a happy childhood in America, fun turned to tragedy for Miss Peach: her father went broke, she left law school, and her fiance left her. Bitter, lonely and miserable, she wants someone to pay - but who?

Lord Alfred Gray Age: 44 - Charming, artistic and temperamental, Lord Gray served as a cartographer in World War I, and now designs water gardens for wealthy clients. With whom is he feuding, and how far will he go to get the upper hand?

Mrs. Jane Meadow-Brook Age: 44 - She's the town busybody and the wife of Boddy's attorney, Miles Meadow-Brook. What dirt will she dig up on her neighbors? And what mischief will she make during her husband's final days?

Prince Philippe Azure Age: 33 - Handsome, worldly and well educated, the "royal" Azure has both an elusive lineage and a knack for cashing in on it. Will his long-standing feud with fellow gun collector Colonel Mustard come to a nasty end?

Lady Su Sian Lavender Age: 29 - Social-climbing herbalist Lady Lavender was widowed when her husband was mysteriously poisoned. her clients keep her wealthy and entertained, but she wants more. What plan is she concocting to spice up her life?

Rusty Nayler Age: 61 - Rusty served in the military under Sir Hugh Black, and later became his groundskeeper. Crusty, cynical, short on funds and soon to retire, he's desperate for cash. Who is he blackmailing to keep an old secret?
Scarlet Theatre
Mustard Lodge
White Cottage
Hampshire Church - Rev. Green, Vicar
Peacock Residence
Professor Plum's Castle
Tudor Mansion - Mr. Boddy
Police - Inspector Brown
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Under the Parker Brothers' banner, this edition once again brings together the story of Clue in a cohesive format combining the various descrepancies of earlier editions. The game plays simply with the object being to discover which suspect committed the crime and where he or she is hiding. This is accomplished by traveling to the various locations on the board to uncover a statement made by each of the characters. The solution is uncovered very similarly to the meathods used in the game Guess Who. An interesting twist here is that one suspect may not be telling the truth and the player must figure out which it is. The downside is that there are only fifty mysteries to solve.

The game provides a lot of additional artwork being that it takes place outside a mansion instead of inside. The suspect artwork is very similar to Clue FX with some additions, such as glasses or hats, added to make the games solvable. One question that begs asking, however, is why Professor Plum has a castle. That aspect seems a bit far-fetched. Another irritating point is that the players do not take the role of any particular character, but are just a token on the board. This fact is further emphasized by the fact that one of the playing pieces is orange (instead of white to complete the six main suspect colors).
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