Clue Jr. Pirate Treasure Hunt - 2000
Front Side
Reverse Side
In this special edition of Clue Jr., you are on a Pirate Treasure Hunt! One of five historic pirates (Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Black Bart, Anne Bonny, or Calico Jack) has hidden their loot in the treasure chest. It is up to you and the Clue Jr. Detectives (Captain Green, Sailor Scarlet, Navigator Plum, and First Mate Peacock) to solve the case of the Pirate Treasure Hunt. Search the Pirate Ship and Desert Island for hidden clues. When you figure out which Pirate hid what valuables in the treasure chest, you win! - Description from Box
The Detectives: Captain Green, Sailor Scarlet, Navigator Plum,
First Mate Peacock
The Locations: Sunken Ship, Hut, Rocks, Palm Tree
The Pirates: Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Black Bart, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack
Produced by USAopoly, this special edition uses the likeness of the characters from the Hasbro version of Clue Junior (with a new wardrobe), but places them in a very unique and memorable Pirate themed setting. The game includes trading cards and a special map to educate players about the lives of the pirates. This game is still unopened in its original shrinkwrap.