Nostalgia Game Series Clue #2 (1963 Edition Reproduction) - 2007
Front Cover
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Reverse Cover
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Inside Box w/ Playing Pieces
Parker Brothers takes another stab and Mr. Boddy's murder with an updated Nostalgia Games Series reproduction of the 1963 edition of Clue. Released just in time for the 2007 holiday season, this game was sold exclusively by Restoration Hardware.

The game is virtually identical to the previous 2002 Nostalgia Games Series wooden box edition, but has a few key changes. Most notably is the departure from the green color that had been a common thread linking it to the green themes of the standard Clue games. The deep rusty red color of the cover is a welcome change giving the game a warmer, aged feel. The yellow accent inside the magnifying glass is more closely reminiscent of the original game, but the black handle seems to come from nowhere. Further, the black blob on the cover seems to add a void in the image as if something is being blacked out.

The Clue logo on the front and side panels has been changed to remove the quotation marks. This leads to an interesting observation:
The 1963 Edition Clue has quotes on the box and the board, but not on the cards.
The first Nostalgia Edition has quotes on the cards, board and box.
This edition does not have quotes on the box, but does have it on the board and the cards.

The picture on the reverse of the box has been cleverly photoshopped to include the updated logo. It's too bad, however, that the rest of the game was not updated. Changing the card backs to the new logo would have made a nice touch. The inclusion of pencils with the Clue logo, however, is top notch.

End/Side Panel