Clue The Great Museum Caper - 1991
It's a perfect night for a robbery - and you're the thief! This 3-D game offers players the ability to be either one (or two) of the famous Clue characters OR a daring art theif in Mr. Boddy's Museum.
Perhaps the best of the Clue games for strategy, this version offers the players two options: to be the thief or to be the detective. The thief must sneak into the museum, steal priceless paintings, and escape without getting caught. The detective must track the theif, monitor the missing paintings, and recover them before the thief escapes.

The theif plays secretly using the notepad. The detective who (if two players) plays two characters plays on the board to track the thief. He can use special items to help him such as motion detectors and video cameras - which the thief can disable as well. The chase is on!

The artwork of the game is similar to the Master Detective version - using the likeness of the characters on the box. The paintings used in the game are all miniture masterpieces. Overall, the game has an elegant feel with an air of exciting mystery!
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