Master Detective Clue Game - 1988
The first expanded edition of Clue outdoes itself with a refined, classic charm with a stately country home atmosphere. Here the world is introduced to more characters, rooms, and weapons.

Miss Scarlet: Red is the symbol for danger, and she is aptly named - Called the Mercenary of Macao - but never to her face - the sultry and sinister Scarlet will entertain any proposition that makes her a profit. After reading a how-to piece in the Society of Fortune Hunters Quarterly, she decided to try her hand at gold digging. But could the price of gold be murder?

Colonel Mustard - Ret. D.S.O., B.E.F., Q.E.I.: Distinguished himself behind the lines at the battle of Khyber Pass; a crack shot - Algernon Mustard, late of the Bengal Lancers, held regimental honors as a marksman with both elephant gun and small caliber pistol; after he was mustered out, he stayed on in the Punjab. The Colonel has traveled halfway around the world to see Mr. Boddy on a matter of grave importance, or so he says. But why does Mustard sleep with a revolver under his pillow?

Mrs. White: Did she get that squint spying through keyholes? - The maid at Boddy Mansion since before the War - she won't divulge which one - Blanche White has seen 'em come and go. Trouble is, she's seen 'em when and where they weren't supposed to be comin' and goin.' Did she finally spy something that made her see red?

Mr. Green: Generally conducts business pool-side; acquired his lucky pinky ring as a "consideration" - Thallo Green, reputed kingpin in the "family" business, is a whiz at the numbers, but finds himself dangerously short of cash at the moment. He figured he'd get out of the jam with Mr. Boddy's help. Did he make him an offer he couldn't refuse?

Mrs. Peacock: An ornithologist whose specialty is birds of prey - After single-handedly saving the loggerhead shrike from extinction, amateur ornithologist Henrietta Peacock next turned her beady eye on the pied-bill grebe. Having spotted a pair nesting near the manor house, she came to beseech Mr. Boddy to create a bird sanctuary by donating his entire estate to the Peacock Salvation Society, of which she is the founder and sole member. Does Mrs. P have her eye on more than just the grebe?

Professor Plum: Archeologist of dubious distinction; makes frequent expeditions to political hot spots - Edgar Plum, Ph.D., head of the Archeology Department at a correspondence school, came to the manor to solicit financing for a bone-hunting expedition to an un-named Middle Eastern country. He knows just where to unearth a prehistoric skeleton to rival the Piltdown Man - he says he can feel it in his bones. But why does the Professor clam up whenever anywone digs into his past?

Madame Rose: This Hungarian psychic's come a long way from East Grinstead - Mr. Boddy's eccentric former secretary, Rhoda Rosengarten changed her name when she moved to Hungary to hang out her shingle as a medium. Last week, in the middle of a sceance, she "saw" a dark, ominous cloud decending on Boddy Manor and took a tramp steamer from Budapest in order to warn her old employer. She didn't make it in time - or did she?

Monseiur Brunette: A man of many talents, many accents - many passports - Monseiur Alphonse Brunette deals in art and arms. Last year he almost made a killing in Paris when he produced what he swore were the missing appendages of the Venus de Milo. But this year his business is on its last legs due to the questionable authenticity of several Impressionist works he sold to Mr. Boddy. He claimed they were paintings by Monet - or was it Manet? As Alphonse always says, "Monet... Manet... What is zee difference?"

Miss Peach: This southern belle's favorite flower is deadly nightshade - She arrived at Mr. Boddy's door without an invitation - or luggage - and announced that she's his long-lost-great-step-neice, Georgia. When pressed, she explained that she decided on very short notice to take a long vacation in the country - any country?

Sargent Gray: Which side of the law is he on? - The local enforcer literally stumbled on the scene of the crime while making his regular weekly visit to the manor collecting funds for the Police Blackmail Awareness Program. Could his unimaginative approach to crime stem from the fact that Gray always sees things as either black or white?

Knife: "Made in Macao" is inscribed on the blade

Candlestick: Very solid brass and very, very blunt

Revolver: When was it last fired?

Rope: Whose hobby was knot-tying?

Lead Pipe: If this was the weapon, solving the mystery will be a cinch!

Wrench: Whose fingerprints are on the grip?

Horseshoe: Which suspect brings his own horses to the country?

Poison: Who broke the wax seal? (MLD:3mg)

Gazebo: Are those a peacock's footprints in the grass?

Courtyard: Whose Rolls Royce purred in at midnight, but was gone by dawn?

Fountain: Should it be drained and searched for clues?

Drawing Room: Did the game of cat and mouse lead to this room?

Library: Why did Mr. Boddy collect memoirs of famous spies?

Billiard Room: Has something beed added to turn the gin pink?

Dining Room: Why is there a scent of red herring in the air?

Kitchen: Are all of the knives present and accounted for?

Studio: Who is the exotic woman Mr. Boddy painted again and again?

Conservatory: Is that a bullet hole in the glass?

Trophy Room: Had the horseshoe been removed, then replaced?

Carriage House: Has someone rummaged through the chauffeur's toolbox?
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More Suspects... More Rooms... More Weapons...

This expanded edition of Clue offers more evidence to uncover in the search for who killed Mr. Boddy in his beautiful country home.

The game features a tri-fold board, wooden suspect tokens, and metal weapon pieces. The notepad has been enlarged to offer more space to keep detective notes. The booklet features interesting background into the game, as well as fascinating character biographies. The gameplay has been expanded with "snoop-spaces" which let the player sneak a peak at other suspects' clue cards. There is also an additional secret passage for easier maneuvering.

Overall, this edition is a wonderful classic to hand down through the generations. "Clue Master Detective... it's so entertaining, it's criminal!"