Clue Little Detective - 1992
For ages 3-6 this edition is aimed at the youngest of gamers. The concept is very similar to candyland in that each character draws colors to advance through and escape a haunted house.
The Detectives:

Little Detective Scarlet: No one's a match for this little super spy. Her enthusiasm for detecting is as fiery as Miss Scarlet's, her namesake.

Little Detective Mustard: Like the famous Colonel Mustard, this explorer's always ready for an expedition, whether it's a journey to Bora Bora - or the attic!

Little Detective White: Neat as a pin, like Mrs. White the maid, our little detective is so spotless, she's sure to spot any dirty old clue left lying around!

Little Detective Green: Like Mr. Green, he's rough around the edges. But this guy's actually smarter than he looks.

Little Detective Peacock: Birds of a feather flock together. Just like Mrs. Peacock, she keeps her binoculars handy for spotting rare birds - and clues!

Little Detective Plum: Full of facts, figures, and book-learning, like Professor Plum, he's the brains of this little outfit.
Reverse of Playing Card
A new niche for the Clue marketing team, this edition is directed at the youngest of board game players - ages 3 to 6. Using color matching skills, the players race from the attic to the back kitchen door when they hear a mysterious, scary bump.

The luck of the draw offers interesting game-play. For instance, the "Spooky Cards" makes the player move to a certains space on the gameboard - forward or backward. The "Boo" scares the player into losing a turn. And like, Clue, there are secret passages to move the player along.

The artwork in this edition is fantastic. The subtle clue game references are interesting - the portrait of Colonel Mustard, the candlestick, and the wrench in the various rooms. Also, there is amusing artwork such as the eyes peeking out of the suit of armor and the fish in the attic's half empty fishtank.

Oddly there is a mummy in the living room (lounge). The Franklin Mint game features an Egyptian-themed lounge with a sarcophagus.
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