Clue, Juicy Couture Edition - Copyright 2009; Released Circa Fall 2009
Front Cover
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Perhaps the most unfortunate example of Hasbro's licensing blitz is "calling all nice girls who like stuff!" to "Discover the secrets behind the Crimes of Couture."

It's time for Her Majesty's Spring Preview of the Juicy Couture line, but the night before the show, an essential item from the line has gone missing! Which one was it? Who took it? Where did they hide it within Chateau Juicy? Can you figure out whodunit and save the show?
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Terri Velour, Couture Designer to the Queen: A young fashion designer who looks up to her idol, the Queen O' Stuff. She is beautiful and loves to be the center of attention. Would she try to tarnish her idol's reputation to make room for herself in the spotlight?

Cal I. Freakinfornia, Her Majesty's Director: Cal exudes the arrogance and haughty attitude one would expect from royalty, except he's only her Majesty's Director. His impulsiveness can get him into some tough spots. Did one of his last minute rash decisions cause one of the previewers to seek revenge?

Shrinking Violet, Royal Dog Trainer: Don't let this shy Dog Trainer fool you! She may be sweet and loving with their dogs, but Shrinking Violet is calculating and obsessed about being associated with fashion celebrities. She forces her way into their world by training their beloved pets. But would this wannabe take their couture to try to fit in?

Edgar Rodeo, Butler to the Queen: Edgar is the charming and handsome butler. His charisma and eloquence allow him to befriend everyone that walks through the front door. Once under his spell, they'll do anything he asks for Her Majesty. Would he conspire with the Queen for a little fun?

Candi Couture, Fashion Editor: A highly regarded, and well-established Fashion Editor, Candi has a commanding presence. her position over the years has earned her the privilege that comes with being associated with the most coveted fashion magazines. She is hyper-organized, almost to the point of obsession. Would her fear of losing her influence over the fashion world drive her to keep Juicy's latest couture news to herself?

Queen O' Stuff: Her Majest, the Queen O' Stuff remains enigmatic and elusive. She downplays her brilliance to uphold the pomp and grandeur of her position, but often finds herself bored. Would she sabotage her own Fashion Show to have a little fun with her previewer guests for the sake of entertainment?

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The COUTURE ITEMS: Daydreamer Handbag, Hanger, Juicy Apparel, The Queen's Diamond, Chandelier Charm, Couture Cutlery Charm, Dog Leash, High Heel Shoe, Couture Couture Fragrance

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The ROOMS: Grand Hall, Preview Room, Design Studio, Shoe Salon, Walk-In Closet, Dining Room, Candy Room, Powder Room, Dog Kennel

Player Identity Cards (Front)
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Terri Velour: Once per game, you may look at a card that one player has just shown another player.

Cal I. Freakinfornia: Once per game, you may move twice. Roll the dice, move, then roll again.

Shrinking Violet: Once per game, you may move to any room that does not have a secret passage.

Edgar Rodeo: Once per game, you may start a Rumor using a room you are not in. The Suspect of the Rumor is moved to the room named.

Candi Couture: Once per game, you may randomly pick a card to look at from someone you just showed a card to.

Queen O' Stuff: Once per game, you may start two Rumors on the same turn.
Player Identity Cards (Reverse)
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Terri Velour: "It's exhausting being this Juicy." TERRI VELOUR - Beautiful and Self-centered

Cal I. Freakinfornia: "Kiss my Couture!" CAL I. FREAKINFORNIA - Haughty, Arrogant, Impulsive

Shrinking Violet: "Some girls have all the Juicy." SHRINKING VIOLET - Calculating & Obsessive

Edgar Rodeo: "Peace, Love and Juicy." EDGAR RODEO - Charming & Handsome

Candi Couture: "Wake up and smell the couture." CANDI COUTURE - Commanding, Hyper-organized and Privileged

Queen O' Stuff: "Let them eat Couture!" QUEEN O' STUFF - Brilliant, Enigmatic, Elusive
Sample of Various Intrigue Cards
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One Intrigue Card: Play at the end of your turn. The player on your right must show you a card.

One Intrigue Card: Play when starting a turn in a room. You may stay in that room and start a Rumor.

Two Intrigue Cards: Play instead of answering a Rumor. The Rumor stays unanswered.

Two Intrigue Cards: Play when one player has shown another player a card. You get to see the card.

Two Intrigue Cards: Play at the end of your turn. Move anyone back to their start space.

Two Intrigue Cards: Play instead of rolling the dice. Move anywhere.

Two Intrigue Cards: Play after you roll the dice but before you move. Add 6 to your dice roll.

Four Intrigue Cards: Play at the end of your turn. Take another turn.

Eight Clock Cards
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Box Insert & Playing Pieces
Couture Tokens Close-Up
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Player Tokens Close-Up
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Solution Envelope
Box Reverse Cover
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The days of Colonel Mustard are long gone. But to be replaced by Cal I. Freakinfornia? The shame...

There is quite a lot that about this game that is shameful. First and foremost... the entire concept. But taking it as it is - a game for (young?) girls - it may suit its purpose. The mystery surrounding a fashion line is right up the overly-fashion-consious alley of the youth of today.

The balance of female to male characters has shifted to the former with four female roles and two male. And we're introduced to some new character occupations. We now have a butler that is a suspect in a game. We also now have a dog trainer, an editor, a director, a designer and, of course, a Queen. It remains to be seen why a butler that goes around saying, "Peace, Love and Juicy!" hasn't been fired. The quotes are depressingly absurd for any non-teen player. The cards, however, are quite beautifully done in the fashion of old portraits.

The missing couture items are fine for the concept of the game, but why is there a chandelier charm and cutlery charm? Why not a chandelier and knife?

The rooms are done pretty well, given the premise. The carpets are pretty distracting, however, which make it difficult to focus on the abundant details within the rooms. The only other downside, really, is that the secret passages aren't integrated into the scene. Otherwise, it's nice to have a spin-off edition return to the mansion-format board.

Overall, the artwork of the game is unique, which is the best thing about it. There is too much pink, however, and the lighter shades of colors don't contrast enough for easy viewing.

There is one small flaw in the game, however. The instructions explain that the Juicy Couture show is being put on by the Queen O' Stuff, however, the box reads, Her Majesty Juicy Couture. This is only a nitpick flaw. The real flaw is the game itself. It's a crime against Clue.
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