Clue Junior Travel Edition (Red Version) - 1994
Front Side
Reverse Side
Which child is hiding in which room with which pet?! This Clue game, spcially designed with travel in mind, uses the process of elimination and deduction to figure out the mystery. One of four characters, the player must search the house by landing on special doors. By looking through the door, the player can eliminate a room, kid, or pet until only one possible combination remains - the solution to the mystery!

The artwork in this edition is simple. Interestingly, the player plays a young detective, not a clue suspect. This version also includes typical home rooms including a laundry room and bedroom.

This version appears to be the same as the Blue Box edition with the exception of the box color.
The Kids: Samantha Scarlet, Mortimer Mustard, Wendy White,
Georgie Green, Peter Plum
The Pets: Dog, Rabbit, Fish, Cat, Bird
The Rooms: Hall, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Bedroom