Dungeons and Dragons Clue Game - 2001
A special edition with an unexpected theme, Dungeons and Dragons clue offers great artwork and new elements to challenge the player.
The Suspects: Mialee the Elf Wizard (Scarlet), Tordek the Dwarf Fighter
(Mustard), Ember the Human Monk (White), Regdar the Human Fighter (Green),
Lidda the Halfling Rogue (Peacock), Nebin the Gnome Wizard (Plum)
The Weapons: Vorpal Sword, Mace of Disruption, Ring of Magic Missiles,
Staff of Power, Flaming Battle Axe, Dagger of Venom
The Rooms: Grand Hall, Dungeon, Chamber of Tricks & Traps,
Wizard's Tower, Dragon's Lair, Treasure Chamber, Lost Crypt,
Magical Armory, Library of Arcane Tomes
The Monsters: Beholder - Amulet of Seeing, Bugbear - Boots of Striding &
Springing, Displacer Beast - Crystal Ball, Goblin - Potion of Speed,
Gelatinous Cube - Broom of Flying, Skeleton, Potion of Speed
Scroll Case
Reverse Side of Box
Discover who killed the Archmage of Korinon. A doppelganger has taken over the body of one of the suspects to commit the dastardly deed. Now the ghost of the Archmage has sealed his castle with the suspects and assorted monsters inside until his killer is denounced.

The game contains great artwork. The character positions of the cover are in the style of the 1996 version. Interestingly, the character card of Nebin had to be recreated to face forward - on the cover, it is the side profile.

The game can be played in the classic clue fashion, or the monster cards can be introduced for added fun. A battle with a monster can result in such benefits as an extra turn or a peak at an opponent's card. If the player loses the battle, however, he will be taken to the maze at the center of the board until he wins freedom by rolling a specific number.

Overall, this artwork and special features of this game make for an outstanding edition.