Clue Suspects - 2006
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Inside Cover Description: Take a good look at the Clue mansion. Its rooms hold many mysteries. One of these is always the scene of a murder. your challenge is to figure out "whodunit." How? Using your deductive powers , of course! You'll receive clues that suggest "who goes where" from clever hints printed on the Clue cards. use the plastic figures of the Clue suspects to keep track of your suspicions. Find the suspect who was at the scene and you've found the murderer!

Some mysteries are easy and some are quite challenging. All of them are immensely clever and fun to figure out. The plastic mansion, with its reversible room board and stand-up base, is delightful to interact with. you'll keep track of clues and test your deductions without need for pencil and paper.

Clue is a great multi-player mystery-solving game. Clue Suspects is a great puzzler for when you, alone, want to step into the shoes of an ace detective and solve a crime.

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Finally! Winnings Moves has come up with a winning concept for playing Clue solo. The game, set up like a logic puzzle, is immensely fun as it brings to life Boddy mansion right before the player with 60 different mysteries. The red plastic “mansion” is able to display six rooms at a time - the dining room, ballroom, lounge, kitchen, conservatory and library for the easier games and the billiard room, study, dressing room, wine cellar, hall and rose garden in the more challenging 30. The clear plastic playing pieces which depict the suspect sillouettes are able to fit in the slots in the mansion to keep track of the player's sleuthing.

The plastic mansion is nice in that it gives shape to the mansion and actually follows the basic layout of the board with one room flanking each side of the entrance hall. The display pictures of the rooms are, as well, fabulous. The artist cleverly throws part of the image in the forefront to give the picture an almost three-dimensional quality. The rooms themselves are filled giving the player a lot to look at. Perhaps the only downside is that some of the portraits shown appear in multiple rooms. Similarly, the same trophy appears in both the billiard room and library. A last note on the rooms is that, aside from Clue the Movie, this is the first edition to have a dressing room - which looks very much like a bedroom and might as well have been called such.

The playing pieces are suitabling intriguing for a mystery in their black sillouette. Alongside a token for “Dead Body” there are the usual six suspects as well as The Butler, Mrs. Meadow-Brook, Lady Lavender, Rusty and Prince Azure. Sadly, the sillouttes of Mrs. Meadow-Brook and Mrs. Peacock have been switched in name. Also, the silloutte of “The Butler” is clearly the Lord Gray character of other editions.

The box is great with a darkened image of the mansion on the front with the suspect sillouettes appearing in the windows. The butler is missing, however. Perhaps he killed the man in the lower right with the unnecessary question mark looming over his body. Streaks of rain show over the image, but none of the lightning shown is hitting the lighting rods on the top of the mansion. The inside cover (opened via a bit of velcro) shows a man slumped over a table in front of the game. It's unclear if the man is sleeping or if it is a representation of a murdered man. Either way... it works.

The game works too! The logic puzzles are fun and intriguing. They may be a bit complicated for a 10 year old, which the box indicates is the minimum age. The easier games take five or ten minutes to solve. The harder, progressively longer. The only downside is that the suspects are introduced in every game in the same order. It's only when more suspects appear in the mysteries that this changes. The game would greatly improve if each game were completely different with different characters no matter how many are involved.

Overall, this is a highly enjoyable game if you don't have others to enjoy a round of classic Clue.

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Some European editions were made with a different cover. This one, titled Clue Ratselfalle, has another - arguably better - version of the mansion on the cover. The same basic concept is present, but there is more of the mansion and yard to view in the daylight.

The inside cover reusues the 2002 suspect images for additional artwork.

The advertising photo image also shows some full color playing pieces. But it also shows the silloutte versions.
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