Clue Jr. Case of the Hidden Toys (Version One) - 1995
Front Side
Reverse Side
"Which pet has hidden which toy in the clubhouse? That's the mystery!" This Clue game, spcially designed for children, helps teach problem solving skills. Players take on the role of one of four of the famous Clue characters - as children - and explore their neighborhood gathering clues and using strategy to solve the mystery.
The Detectives: Mortimer Mustard, Samantha Scarlet, Peter Plum, Greta Green
The Pets: Dog, Rabbit, Fish, Cat, Bird
The Hiding Places: Lemonade Stand, Birdhouse, Mailbox, Tree House
The Toys: Glove, Teddy Bear, Roller Skate, Truck, Ball
In this update to the Clue Jr. Game, the characters no longer resemble the Clue suspects. One must speculate on the reasoning. Perhaps Parker Brothers disapproved of children identifying with a character that would grow up to be a murderer. Thus, not only have their images changed, but sex as well. The Green character has become a female. As for race, this may be the first edition to include an African American in the cast. Asian Americans are also represented, but have been for years in the Classic Clue. These images make a reappearance in the later edition Clue Jr. series book covers.