Electronic Talking Clue FX - 2003
Oh no! Mr. Boddy's lawyer has been bumped off on the grounds of Boddy's mansion. The first talking Clue game guides new characters through new locations in search of new weapons. Sometimes, though, change isn't always for the better. Though the game is fun, the charm of the classic game concept is lost.
The Suspects: Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White,
Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Mrs. Meadow-Brook, Rusty
The Weapons: Horseshoe, Hammer, Garden Shears, Water Bucket, Tennis Racquet, Lawn Gnome
The Locations: Tudor Mansion, Boat House, Gazebo, Swimming Pool, Stable, Gate House, Garden, Tennis Courts, Garage
The artwork of this edition is fantastic (except for maybe the blue foil box) which is a little too techno. In the game, there are four non-suspect playing characters: Lady Lavender, Lord Gray, Prince Azure, and Miss Peach. It is too bad the game did not continue with tradition and use Madame Rose, M. Brunette, and Sgt. Gray in addition to Miss Peach. There are two new suspects: Mrs. Meadow-Brook (another wealthy socialite) and Rusty (who looks a bit like a crotchety old gardener - similar to the Rusty in 13 Dead End Drive which make one ponder whether it is an intentional cross-over character). The narrator is the butler Mr. Ashe. Again, it is a shame the butler couldn't be Hogarth or Didit of the other games.

The story behind this mystery is the death of Mr. Boddy's lawyer, Mr. Meadow-Brook during Boddy's party. The lawyer conveniently spoke to Mr. Boddy about changing his will prior to getting killed at one of many new locations on the mansion's grounds.

The weapons are new as well. With this combination of solution possibilities, it is sad to think that Mr. Meadow-Brook might get knocked off at the tennis court with the water bucket by Rusty the gardener.

Players play by moving around the gameboard trying to keep track of where each suspect and Inspector Brown move (which is electronically controlled by the game). You have to track down each suspect to find out their clue while also challenging other players for their clue cards. Once you know whodunit, you have to track down Inspector Brown to denounce the murderer.

The game is a neat concept and actually kind of fun. The artwork of the board is fantastic. The suspects, however, look too cartoony. Miss Peach looks like a cross between a southern belle and a hippie... go flower-power. Lady Lavender is fine except that her suspect pawn is holding up a bottle of (one presumes) lavendar oil - how dumb. Lord Gray does not look like a typical Lord. With his shirt (complete with rolled sleaves), tie, sunglasses and pad he looks like a reporter - definately not what one would picture as a Lord. Finally, Prince Azure makes a ground-breaking appearance as the first black suspect, but kind of looks like a bouncer at Club Pimp. He's pictured on the box, but the artwork is clearly a rip- off of Mr. Green from the current regular Clue box with his big build and holding a cup and saucer.

Rusty and Mrs. Meadow-Brook do not appear in the original pictures of the game (see picture below) and one assumes they were maybe a last minute addition. Perhaps the characters and scenario could be worked out a bit more. Afterall, generations have grown fond of Mr. Boddy and Dr. Black, but does anybody really care if Mr. Meadow-Brook (why is his name hyphenated anyway?) gets murdered?


Solution Envelope

Reverse Side of Box
Instruction Booklet
Instruction Booklet Close-up of Pieces
The above pictures were taken from the internet before the release of the game and pictures aspects differing from the final version (Thanks to Sammy Gresham for providing the right side picture). In both images, the box looks more similar to the US 2002 edition. The notepad covers are no longer all blue, but are the color of the player's character. Also, here, Prince Azure's character pawn is blue with a brown sash which is opposite in the final version. Here, Rusty and Mrs. Meadow-Brook's folders are not present which leads one to believe that they were not original concepts for the game.

The image on the right contains four dice which did not make it into the final version. Also cut were the use of five weapons: the wrench, rope, lead pipe, revolver and knife. The final version contains different weapons and does not use weapon tokens. The board artwork differs slightly as well. The mansion color is different as are the designs for the gazebo and garden in the center of the board. Finally, more shrub images adorn the board.