Alfred Hitchcock Clue Game - 1999
The perfect mood for murder presents itself in this special edition of Clue based on Alfred Hitchock characters and crimes!
The Suspects: Miss Scarlet as Melanie Daniels (The Birds), Colonel Mustard
as Barry Kane (Saboteur), Mrs. White as Jo McKenna (The Man Who Knew
Too Much), Mr. Green as Mother (Psycho), Mrs. Peacock as Marnie Edgar
(Marnie), Professor Plum as Michael Armstrong (Torn Curtain)
The Weapons: Knife (Psycho), Seagull (The Birds), Necktie (Frenzy),
Poker (Marnie), Oven (Torn Curtain), Bomb (Saboteur)
The Sets: Hitchcock's Screening Room, Bates Motel Room #1 (Psycho),
Farmhouse Kitchen (Torn Curtain), Family Room (The Birds), Opera House (The
Man Who Knew Too Much), Brenda's Office (Frenzy), Statue of Liberty Torch
(Saboteur), Horse Stables (Marnie), Diner (The Birds)
Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box
Lights! Camera! Murder!

The first special edition Clue game came out in 1999 to honor the 100th birthday of legendary film-maker, Alfred Hitchcock. The game finds the six famous Clue suspects on the sets of Hitchcock's most famous movies. They have dressed as their favorite Hitchcock characters and are on the hunt for Mr. Boddy's killer. Was it Mr. Green as Mother (Psycho) with the Seagull (The Birds) on the set of the Farmhouse Kitchen (Torn Curtain)?

This edition was an unexpected surprise. The design is superb - reflecting the feel and atmosphere of a Hitchcock thriller! The artwork is excellent. A triumph of design.