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La Bibliotheque Verte Cluedo Books

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Beginning in 2012, French book publisher Hachette Livre started releasing a series of Cluedo novels under their Biblotheque Verte/Rose children's books line.
Unlike the A.E. Parker books and Vicki Cameron's Clue Mysteries books, the Verte books are more of "Choose-your-own" adventures, and you're playing one of the Clue characters or a different character.

Most of the novels are set in modern times, unless stated otherwise. The first half of the novels were based on the 2012 edition when it comes to characterizations, while the newer ones are based on the 2016 one, Dr. Orchid included.

I only read the excerpts that were provided on the official site, but if have read them, please feel free to add more context.

Cluedo #1 - #6 (2012)
These books have the same format, so I'm just gonna group them together.

You are (insert Clue characters name), (character's profession), and your friend Dr. Black has invited you to a dinner party at his luxurious house for a dinner party. But as you arrive, Dr. Black is found dead. You suspect foul play, and now it's up to YOU to solve the case!

The characters are based on their 2012 versions:
Scarlet: Film actress
Mustard: Rugby star/Martial Arts Teacher
White: Lawyer
Green: Young businessman
Peacock: Politician
Plum: Eccentric genius

A new character is introduced: Antoine, the faithful butler of Dr. Black. He's mention a few times.

Between #7 - #12, the covers are given the same style as the DTS To-Go game, with the dark silhouettes of the characters.

Cluedo #7: The Late Husband

One of your rockstar idols, Rukko, is getting married to wealthy actress Jasmine DePearle, and you've been invited! You arrived at the Scottish castle were the wedding is being held, owned by a mutual of the bride and groom, Dr. Black. But the events go grim when the corpse of Rukko is found!

This is the first time where Black's Scottish castle is mention. It will appear later on the books

Cluedo #8: The Curse Painting of Dr. Black

During a weekend party, Dr. Black unveils an alleged cursed family portrait. The legend states that anyone where to sleep under it, it would cause the death. Green dares Black to sleep under it, which Black accepts. The next morning, Black is found dead in his bed. Was the curse true? Or was it murder?

Cluedo #9: The Secret Of The Papyrus

As an expert of ancient civilizations, you've been invited to attend the inauguration of the new ancient Egyptian exhibit at the National Museum. One of the museum biggest donors, Dr. Black, is found dead in a sarcophagus.

Cluedo #10: Jack of Spades for Miss Scarlet

Every winter, Dr. Black hosts a ultra-private poker game at his Swiss chalet hidden within the Alps. You are escorting famed film actress Miss Scarlet as her personal bodyguard. During the tournament, Dr. Black is murdered!

Cluedo #11: Welcome to the club, Mr. Mustard

Tonight, the founder and manager of the private London club Penny Black, Sir (Baron) Bloch is planning to retire and is passing his baton to Plum. As the butler of the Baron, everything has been planned to the tilt. What can possible go wrong?

- The story is set in 1st January 1968
- Mr. Green is a director of a prestigious art museum, and a paint in his spare time
- Mustard's mother is named Marjorie
- It's stated the POV character, the butler, was once dealt with several burglaries. He got the job as butler after an officer friend of Bloch recommend you to him so you can be straight.
- Dr. Black is a guest

Cluedo #12: The Clinic of Dr. Black

You are Hugo, the new bellhop of an clinical resort on a small island. Dr. Black, a plastic surgeon, has five VIP guest/patients staying. On the second morning of your job, you find Dr. Black dead in his office.

Since the 13th novel, the characters have their original titles, and Dr. Orchid is included.

Cluedo #13: Who killed Mrs. White?

Tonight is a special night for you, Dr. Black, as it's your birthday! You plan a special party at your Scottish castle, which once belonged to your uncle Charles Edward Black (Charles Edouard LeNoir). But thing adroit when you discover your housekeeper Mrs. White has been murdered!

- The date is 25th June 1938
- Dr. Black is wearing a white tuxedo

Cluedo #14: Doctor Orchid

You are Dr. Orchid, the adopted daughter of Dr. Black. Your father is hosting a party at his Scottish castle, Tudor Mansion, and has invited some of his close friends to celebrate with him. But during the party, your father is killed by one of the guests, but who did it?

- The date is 21st May 1927
- Dr. Orchid is wearing a kimono, implying she's from Japan
- Dr. Black once worked at St. Thomas' Hospital in London
- Tudor Mansion was once built in Wales, but Dr. Black had it rebuilt in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. It's near the village of Portee
- Dr. Black has a laboratory in the attic
- Dr. Orchid is the mistress of Tudor Mansion
- The plant with incredible medical properties are cranberries. IDK
- Dr. Black gifted Orchid a gold brooche of a bee, had ingredients from Asia transported to Tudor Mansion, and visits her frequently (twice a week) when he's aboard, suggesting they have a pretty good relationship.
- Miss Scarlet was once part of the Royal London Opera, and is age 40

Cluedo #15: A Deadly Evening at Dr. Black's

You are Reverend Green, and Dr. Black has invited you to partake in some wine tasting at his home, Tudor Mansion, but he's found dead in the billiard room by Dr. Orchid.

Cluedo #16: A Role for Miss Scarlet

After finishing filming for a detective film in London, you, Miss Scarlet, have been invited to Dr. Black's property in Argentina. On the second day however, the host's dead body is found in the winter garden.

Cluedo #17: Mustard and the Sicilian Clan

Dr. Black has invited several of his friends to spend a week in his home, an nearly copy of his Scottish castle Tudor Mansion, at the Italian island of Vulcano near Sicily. You, Colonel Mustard, are delighted in the invite, but the joy is short-lived, when the host is murdered!

Cluedo #18: A Chilling Dinner for Mrs. Peacock

During a dinner with members of his medical profession, Dr. Black slips away for some dessert, but doesn't returned. You, Mrs. Peacock, find him in his office, lifeless. On his computer screen, you see a message: "The first to pay will not be the last."

Cluedo: Christmas Murder

Dr. Black has invited you, among several members of his company SkyGlass, to his luxurious mountain hotel on Mount Rougon. During the festivities, Dr. Black is found dead on his office, which was locked from the inside. Has the ghostly White Lady of Rougon striked?

Cluedo: Cypher Investigation at the Mansion

As a young officer, you've been given the task of investigating a series of death threat sent to Dr. Black. While on duty in the Doctor's Normandy home with his relatives, Dr. Black is found dead in the bathroom.

I wish these book would have official English translations and released in the States. If you have any more information on these books, such as extra details or new characters, comment below! ... ext=Cluedo

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