Which Lets Play Clue game do want to play

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Which “Let’s Play Clue” Do Want To Play?

Poll ended at Thu May 13, 2021 1:27 pm

Let’s Play Clue “A Town Without Pity”
Let’s Play Clue-“ The Late Mrs Boddy”
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Which Lets Play Clue game do want to play

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Narrowed it down to these two, hopefully we’ll start a game when the poll is over.

“Let’s Play Clue- A Town Without Pity”

Dr David Samuel Black a millionaire tycoon from the United Kingdom who has recently purchased a small New England town called Little Falls,New Hampshire. Some the residents aren’t to thrilled about the new owner, and isn’t long before Dr Black meets an untimely end.

Let’s Play Clue- “ The Late Mrs Boddy”

Mr John Reginald Boddy is throwing a surprise wedding reception to introduce his new wife Rosalind Boddy after a quick elopement in Atlantic City, but when it’s time to cut the wedding cake the new bride is found dead.

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