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The NEW Character Repository

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This is a thread for fellow fans to make their own original Clue(do) characters. This is based on the old one made by Michael: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=475.

To make everything a little more coincident, here's a layout I made:

Name: (What's the character's full name?)
Alias/Title(s): (Do they go by a different name/Do they have a title? e.g. "Earl/Countess", "Lord/Lady", etc.)
Age (DOB): (How old are they?/What's their birthday? e.g. June 18th)
Nationality (POB): (Where are they from?/Where were they born?)
Status/Profession: (What's their status in society/ What's their job, if they have one?)

Martial Status: (What's their relationship status?)

Height: (How tall are they?)
Eyes: (What's their eye color?)
Hair: (What's their hair color?)
(How do they act?/Do they have any interesting traits?)

(What's/How's their life?/What's their connection to Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black or any of the other canon characters?/Why do they want to kill Boddy/Black?, etc.)

Here's my profile for my head-canon of Mr. Boddy, to give as an example:

Mr. Boddy (aka Dr. Black)
Name: John Thomas Boddy, 12th Earl Black
Alias/Title(s): Dr. John Black (Professional), Earl Black
Age: 30 (18th June 1996)
Nationality: British-American (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Status/Profession: Private Physician, Philanthropist, Globetrotter

Marital Status: Married to Blanche White (m. 2019)

Height: 6’ 1”
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue

John is a very intelligent and shrewd individual. His grand knowledge of the world and historical events providing him to be an amusing raconteur and charming host to all his guests. But his kind-hearted, generous, and very trusting nature to others, even thoughts with ill-intent, can make him seem highly naïve, and easily taken advantage of. Mr. Boddy can be quite passive at times, always trying to solve things peacefully, and sometimes letting the fire burn itself out. He’s also very private - tends to keep his important matters and affairs to himself.

John Boddy was the sole son of Bostonian journalist/detective Samuel Boddy and non-profit attorney/social activist Beatrice Black. He had one other sibling, a sister named Rose Mary Boddy. John grew up in the suburbs of Boston. John was always a bright boy, and always curious about the world. As a child, John wanted to become a detective. When John was ten years old, his parents were shot dead during a mugging. With no other family, John and Rose were adopted by Dr. Hugh and Lady Rose Black, the Earl and Countess of Tudor Close. Uncle Hugh, although very fond of the boy, was distanced and often gone on business. His Aunt Rose (b. 1974 - d. 2009) tried to provide the maternal love that his late mother gave to him. Growing up in Tudor Close, John grew familiar with many of his uncle’s friends and business associates. After adopting him, Dr. Black sent John to Obsidian College, one of England’s most prodigious boarding schools.

After finishing at Obsidian, John attended St. Hugh’s College, at Oxford. During his first year, Uncle Hugh had passed away, in mysterious circumstances. In his Last Will & Testament, Dr. Black had made John his heir and gave him the entire Black Empire (all its properties, businesses, investments). It was after his Uncle’s death that John decided to become a doctor, in honor of him. John would then graduate with his Doctorate in Medicine, and returned to Tudor Close as the new Earl Black. Mr. Boddy would become a private physician, working for many high-profile families. Some members of high society address him as “Dr. John Black”, after his Uncle Hugh, a former surgeon of Harvey Street.

With his newfound wealth and status, John Boddy decided to travel the world, meeting many interesting characters, collecting priceless antiques, and hosting the most extravagant parties at his home, while also supporting many charities like his mother.


Although this is many for original characters, use can write about pre-existing characters if you want to.

They don’t have to be as long as mine

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