“Your Pizza’s Here...” - A short horror story

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“Your Pizza’s Here...” - A short horror story

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This week, I was assigned to write a short horror story for my (virtual) English class. I just turned it in yesterday, and I thought I’ll share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy and please give me your thoughts.
I just wanna thank Michael and Elias (Cacums) for giving me tips/advice before I wrote the final draft.

“Your Pizza’s Here...”
Short story David Rodriguez

It was a late Friday night in Downtown San Francisco. At a small pizzeria called Thallo’s, an employee named Mike Pratt finishes cleaning up the tables. Mike was a twenty-year-old guy attending San Francisco State University, studying to become a civil engineer so he can work for his father’s construction company back upstate. He lived at an apartment near campus another student: Samantha, a girl twenty-one-year-old girl who attended the same school as Mike and who worked as a barista for a popular coffee shop.

It was 9:50 p.m., twelve minutes before closing time. The restaurant was pretty bare at this point, with two customers to be seen. The only other people who were at Thallo’s besides Mike and the customers were the manager Katherine in her office and two chefs in the kitchen.

As Mike watched the clock, waiting for 10:00 p.m., the front counter phone rang. With closing time around the corner, Matt would have just put on the automated message saying,
“Sorry, we’re closed for the day. Please call back tomorrow…”
But with the rent due next weekend, he needs the money. Plus, Katherine would pay extra for overtime.

“Hello,” Mike answered, “Thank you for calling Thallo’s. What may I do for you?”
There was a brief silence. “Um… Hello?”
“Err, Hi…” the voice on the phone spoke. The voice was from a woman, a rather shaken woman.
“I like to order a large pizza please,” the voice asked.
“What type?” Mike questioned.
“One with Ham, Extra anchovies, Light garlic, and Pepperoni.”
“Ok,” Mike replied, “That would be $10.27. What’s the address?”
The address was at a shady part of the city, known for illegal gang activities. Mike knew about the street, but he really needed the money. After a few minutes had passed, Mike said, “Ok got it. Your pizza should be there in five to eight minutes.”
“Thank you and please,” the voice said in a frightened tone, “As soon as you can!”
The phone then hanged up.

That was weird, Mike thought to himself. Nevertheless, Mike told the chefs to make a ham and pepperoni pizza, with extra cheese and light garlic.

It took a bit longer than planned, due to some traffic, but Mike eventually reached the address. The house looked Victorian, with a fainted paint job and a couple of missing roof tiles. All the windows were dark. In fact, the entire house was dark. Mike got a bad feeling in his gut but knew he had to do his job. After checking his surroundings were clear, Mike walked towards the front door with pizza in hand.

Mike ranged the doorbell and said, “Hello, your pizza’s here!”
Two minutes passed... nothing.
Mike ranged again and said louder, “Hello! Your pizza’s here!!”
Two more minutes passed… still no response.

Out of curiosity, Mike looked through one of the windows next to the door. It looked like the living room: there were several chairs, a sofa, and a flat-screen TV. No one was in sight.

At this point, Mike didn’t want to be here anymore. He quickly entered his car with the pizza began to drive off. He texted his boss about the situation, about with no one answering the door.
“I guess you can keep the pizza.” Katherine texted back.
While driving back, Mike was trying to piece everything together: the way the woman spoke during the phone call, and the fact no one was home. He decided not to think about any further.

The next morning was Mike’s day off, he didn’t work on weekends. He got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen, so he could eat the pizza from last night. As Mike was putting a slice into the toaster oven, he noticed his roommate Samatha in the living room watching the local news channel on the TV. On the TV screen was the house from last night. Mike approached the TV to get a better view.

“Hey, I got a pizza order from that place last night,” Mike said.
Samatha noticed him, “Oh yeah, some lady got killed by her boyfriend around ten in the bedroom. Police just caught him this morning.”
“Jeez,” Mike responded.
“Yeah, I know. What did she order by the way?”
“A pepperoni and ham pizza, with some light garlic and extra cheese. But the thing is she said it super weirdly.”
“What do you mean?” Samantha questioned.
“She ordered it as Ham, Extra anchovies, Light Garlic...” Mike paused for a moment, “and Pepperoni…”
Mike just thought of something. He now realized what the woman really meant:

Extra anchovies,
Light garlic,


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