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Creative Challenge Idea

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I remember a long time back, I made a silly thread where I would post weapon sets and we'd all have to come up with mysteries using those sets. So consider this a sequel.

While I can't read any of my old work without cringing into the tiniest of singularities, I do still enjoy making and taking part in creative challenges. But that one was kind of just me flogging my bad ideas out, I want to do something more communal. And well, I need to shake the rust off my writing muscle. So here's how it may work.

- Anyone can sign up
- Each person who enters will come up with two things; A short, simple premise for a gameshow-format mystery and a set of six different weapons. These wouldn't have to take place in a mansion, feel free to give different premises if you desire. Go as off-the-wall stupid or benign as you want, but do give it a solid effort.
- Everyone would PM me their weapon sets and basic premise. These would be kept private.
- Each set of weapons would be randomly tied to a different premise. These would then be randomly sent out, one idea to each person.
- We would then write and host our own mysteries, one at a time in sign-up order. As organizer, I would go first in all this.
- We would all use the standard gameshow set-up of six suspects, weapons, rooms. However, if you want to add extra rules or challenges, experiment, go crazy!!
- You will need to make your own cards / any other graphics you may desire. I want to see everyone's different talents and ideas.

This is all a draft right now. I really want to hear any revisions or ideas you all may have. This is all about the forum community, let's pool our thoughts : D

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