Playing Clue in The Sims

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Playing Clue in The Sims

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Any fellow Sims players? I’ve made the Clue cast and used the game board as a floor plan to build Tudor Mansion multiple times in the various Sims games. I just finished making the main cast in The Sims 4, the best versions of them that I’ve made yet in my honest opinion. And this was the first time I’ve made Dr Orchid. So if you want to check them out in the gallery, my user name on there is PrinceAlarming. I shared each character individually by name, and then the whole cast together simply titled Clue. The full cast includes Mr Boddy, but I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t make Mr Boddy. I reused him from another creator and just changed his traits and a couple of his outfits. But the rest of the cast are all made by me from scratch.

Eventually I might build the mansion and share that as well

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