Murder by Death & Clue Movie Similarities

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Murder by Death
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Murder by Death & Clue Movie Similarities

Post by Murder by Death »

I just watched Murder By Death on TV for the first time in years, and was struck by how similar the general story and structure was to Clue.

They match each other almost exactly --

Opening establishing the house and staff, butler and maid/cook.
Guests drive through foggy countryside to remote gothic mansion.
Approaching storm, and rain throughout.
Guests arrive one by one, and assemble and served drinks.
Guests invited to dining room.
Host arrives.
Guests told why they have been invited.
Host suggests a murder will be committed.
They split up in groups.
Someone in the kitchen is murdered first.
A group gets locked into a room and the butler has the key in his pocket.
They discover the house has secret rooms/passages.
The host is murdered.
The maid/cook is discovered dismembered/murdered.
All retire to the drawing room, where they divulge their secrets and motives for killing the host.
They all retire to their rooms in pairs (similar to splitting up and searching the house in clue)
All guests are attempted to be murdered, each by a different weapon (the motorist, cop, and singing telegram girl are murdered in clue)
All then return to the drawing room and solve the murder with 6 different endings, each one being a twist on the butler did it.

And last but not least, Eileen Brennan is in it!

Frankly, I did not remember how similar they are. Makes you wonder how big an influence it was on Clue.

I don't think it undermines either film, but it's very interesting. I know they're both inspired by the same genre, tropes and cliches, but they're just so similar.

Funny thing is, I would have loved if they'd been invited to stay the night in Clue, and all had been given bedrooms too.

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Re: Murder by Death & Clue Movie Similarities

Post by PrinceAlarming »

I love both of these films and I certainly noticed a lot of these similarities that you listed here. It's been years since I've watched Murder by Death; I need to watch it again.

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Re: Murder by Death & Clue Movie Similarities

Post by MajorHoy »

It's been a while since I've seen Murder by Death, but I do remember being quite entertained by it.
Murder by Death premiered in 1976, while the Clue! movie didn't come out until 1985.

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