Several Items - Updated List

Looking to buy, sell or trade something Clue/Cluedo. Check here.

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Several Items - Updated List

Post by ClueGamer »

Hi guys.
It’s been quite a while, but I thought I would drop in, make this quick, and see if anyone here would be interested.

I have some items for sale (Or possibly trade) that I either no longer want or have multiples of. You may notice that some are up on eBay, but I am willing to take any offer you may have.

- Family Guy Clue (Sealed)
- Alfred Hitchcock
- Scrapbook Pages (Game Board, Mug Shots, Confidential, Fingerprints) Sold
- TV Times Magazine
- KFC Trays (Peacock & Mustard)
- Wendy’s Kids Meal Bag (1999)
- Clue Suspect Card Game
- Clue Soundtrack CD Booklet (Signed by Morris) Sold
- Clue Video Store Display Mobile & Ad insert Sold

New Additions:*
- Simpson's First Edition (Sealed)*
- Cluedo UK Play - Playbill and 8x10" B/W Cast photo (1986) ($40 firm)*
- Australian KFC Cluedo PC Game* Sold
- Hasbro Game Night Tablecloth (Sealed)* Sold
- 1970 International Edition (Purple Box - Missing Board)**

- Advanced Screening Handout
- Clue Ornament
- Cluedo Carnival French Kids Meal Magazine
- Cluedo Mobil Mystery Promotion Pieces
- Detective of the Year Four Photos

Prices are negotiable. Please PM me if interested. & Shipping is from NY.
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Post by Black »

The Family Guy game is terrible. I've only got that because I'm a fan of the show.

The only one I'm interested in is the Clue Suspects game. (do you have any images)

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Post by ClueGamer »

Updated list.

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Post by ClueGamer »

For the past few days I have been digging, organizing, and straightening up my Clue collection. I didn't want to come here every few days and update my list of items that I'm offering for sale; I wanted to put everything down on one list and leave it at that.
So, this is my list of multiple or no longer wanted items. (Will update when an item has sold, without announcing) *Condition Varies.

Once again, please send me a PM if you are interested in something. Prices can be negotiable on most items & shipping is from NY.

Clue Games:
- Family Guy (Sealed)
- Simpsons First Ed. (Sealed) Sold
- 1949 Reproduction (Sealed)
- Junior Case of the Missing Cake (Sealed)
- Junior Case of the Missing Pet
- Junior Pirate Treasure Hunt
- Alfred Hitchcock
- Family Game Night Set #2
- Clue Suspect Card Game

Cluedo Games:
- 1970 International (Purple Box)
- 2002 Bilingual

Movie & Stage:
- Advanced Screening Handout Sold
- Cluedo Playbill & Cast Photo

- Scrapbook Pages (2 - Mug Shot) (2 - Game Board)
- TV Times Magazine
- KFC Trays (Mustard & Peacock)
- Wendy's Kids Meal Bag 1999
- Wendy's Kids Meal Magazine & Bag 2010
- Clue Ornament
- Cluedo Slot Machine Ad
- Sprint PCS Large Poster
- JUEX French Game Magazine
- Mobil Mystery Game Pieces Sold
- Cluedo Carnival French Kids Meal Magazine Toy
- Eagle Eye Sweater
- Eagle Magazine (Cluedo Ad)
- Cluedo Cop-Star CD-ROM Sold
- One Bubble Gum Box & One Candy Box
- Local Highschool Production Playbill

New Items - March 9:
- Oregon Scratch Off Lottery Ticket 2000 - $6
- 2 Cluedo "Who Killed the Infection" Phone Cards (Revolver & Spanner) - $15
- Lledo Model Truck 2003 - $30
- Scooby-Doo Square 2nd Edition - $17

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