Clue game at the Eaton Centre

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Clue game at the Eaton Centre

Post by MissScarletDidntDoIt »

Attention all Canadian members around Toronto! I stumbled upon this as a Facebook event and it sounds very exciting.

Improv in Toronto invites you all to participate in a real life version of your favourite board game, CLUE!

Using your super detective skills, you will be solving a difficult murder mystery. Help us find out who murdered Mr. Boddy! We are counting on you!


When: 3:00PM on Saturday, November 14.
Where: The Eaton Centre
Bring: Something to write down all your clues on (very important)


SUSPECTS: Mr. Green, Ms. Peacock, Col. Mustard, Prof. Plum, Ms. Scarlett, Ms. White.

WEAPONS: Golf Club, Wii Remote, Coat Hanger, Rope, Ski Pole, Trophy.

LOCATIONS: Indigo, HMV, Abercrombie, H&M, Apple Store, Le Chateau.


Due to the large numbers of people this type of mission attracts, no meet up will be required. At exactly 3:00PM the mission begins!

Six suspects will be located in various locations all around the Eaton Centre. Your task is to find them within the Eaton Centre and get the information they hold. Each will be dressed their part, in the appropriate colours.

Once you have located a suspect, you will be required to complete a task in order to convince them to hand over the information.

Once you find out from all the suspects what they know, you're almost done.

The most important part, is deciphering the information. The six clues will be similar to a word puzzle. REMEMBER: The innocent suspects will tell the truth, but be warned, the murderer will be lying!

Once you have solved the puzzle, and think you know what the weapon and location of the murder is, along with who the culprit is, YOUR FINAL job is to go to the detective located at the fountain (in the middle of the mall), and tell him the answer!

We highly suggest this event, a ton of work has gone into it! And be sure to bring along your friends, some teamwork may help you solve the mystery faster (if you like prizes!).

So spread the word!

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Post by Black »

I'm guessing the Wiimote has the numchuck attactment on.

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Post by jaymzalexander »

Sounds exciting, hopefully I'll be able to make it out there.

When I was a kid they did something similar in the Town Center across the street, only instead of Clue, it was a massive Where's Waldo hunt. Each week there was a Waldo cutout hidden in a different store and we'd have to write down which store we found it in. At the end of the month there was a big pancake breakfast with all the winners and a real life Waldo, who signed books for us.

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Post by Michael »

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How do you know what kind of pictures they are if you're such a lay-dee?

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