Forbidden words?

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Ford Timelord
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Forbidden words?

Post by Ford Timelord »

I've been meaning to post a topic to these forums for ages but each time I do a message comes up saying that I've used a forbidden word.

It doesn't say which word, and all of these posts contained no swearing at all.

So what, exactly are the forbidden words?

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Post by Michael »

It's a rather extensive list...

I can see by the spam database, however, that it's not a word that's causing your posts to be approval. But I'm not sure what it is. I can only expect that since you're new and the posts in question have been rather long, the program thinks it is potential spam which requires an administrator to approve them. That would also explain why this topic was able to be posted by not the others.

In any case, we'll look into it further.
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