What birth year makes you a 90s kid?

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Am I a 90s kid?

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What birth year makes you a 90s kid?

Post by Aaron21 »

I was reading about what makes you a "90s kid " the theroy goes that from 1985-1991 you are considered a 90s kid but me I was born on January 8th 1991( a very early start to that year.) So does that make me a 90s kid? Because I remember the shows I used to watch ana lot of the fashions and what I did during that time.. so you decide am I a 90s kid? [/i]

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Post by Black »

I wasn't born between 1985 - 1991, I was born in 1992, but I've always thought that if you were born between 1990 - 1999, you were a 90's kid.

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