Do dark twists make things better?

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Does a random dark twist out of nowhere make an otherwise bad or mediocre piece of fiction better or worse?

Better, because dark twists make for a better story
Better, because at least it's now somewhat entertaining
Worse, because it's just for shock value
Worse, because it makes the story needlessly convulted
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Do dark twists make things better?

Post by Jane Poirot »

I've gotten to thinking lately..."School Days" is not a good anime, objectively speaking. Yet a lot of people dub it as "amazing", "a masterpiece", "a psychological exploration", and "groundbreaking". It's a guilty pleasure for me personally (if only because I'm morbidly curious about the game it's based on), and I can get why some people would genuinely like it, but objectively, it's really not as good as people claim it is.

However, I think I know why so many people claim it's good when it isn't: Because of its ending. Here's the thing about School Days for those who haven't read that topic about disturbing movie scenes: It starts out as a romantic comedy, becomes a melodramatic soap opera (the bad kind) in the middle, and ends on a dark twist that comes out of nowhere. If it ended like a typical rom com, people would dub it as the bad show it is and say nothing more. But because it ended so violently and unexpectedly, people overlook or justify the flaws the rest of the show has and dub it as a "masterpiece" when it really isn't. But honestly? The ending was AWESOME. :twisted:

...And then you have "The Secret of NIMH 2". For the record, I saw it long before the Nostalgia Critic's review, and...okay, I'll try not to spoil it, but...the first and second acts of the movie are kind of "meh". It's just typical sequlitis, but nothing really awful....until the third act. Things go from weird to f*cked up FAST. It also has a random dark twist out of nowhere, and, um, your mileage may vary on whether this twist makes the story better or worse, because on the one hand, it makes an otherwise meh sequel so much darker. On the other? It's also really, really stupid. :lol:

So do you think a dark twist out of nowhere makes an otherwise bad work better? Or does it just make it worse?
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Post by Kristev »

A dark twist takes the reader to an unexpected place. But so can a light twist.

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Re: Do dark twists make things better?

Post by ZachBlack000 »

Dark twists always make the story more dramatic, but as long as they make sense!

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Re: Do dark twists make things better?

Post by MagnaParva »

If there's internal logic in a story then dark/light twists should be okay.

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Re: Do dark twists make things better?

Post by coinilius »

Not every story needs a twist, or at least not every story needs a major, game changing twist (there can be minor twists in the story as well as major ones, that help spice up a narrative). It really depends on the story being told, how well the story teller(s) can handle the twist, etc.

Something to think about as well is that often it is the ending of a story that really helps cement it in peoples minds - a good, solid ending can elevate an otherwise just 'ok' story to something that you really take notice of, and a bad ending can ruin otherwise good stories.

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