Breakin' Into Philosophy

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Breakin' Into Philosophy

Post by CluedoKid »

For the Philosophy culminating project, we came up with the genius concept for a movie. A story about four thieves who break into somebody's home, only to discover a couple of moral lessons through their understanding of philosophy.


Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to show you the video as it is 13 minutes long. Too long for YouTube. However, I will give you a brief run down of the plot.

So there are four thieves: Rex, Specs, Sex and Pecks.


They all have their own individual motives, but together they discreetly break into a gentleman's house. They have about 40 minutes before he returns home. They feel no pressure though about being caught in broad daylight. Afterall this is Canada.

Pecks gives a briefing on everybody's task. That "buxom" beauty on the right is yours truly. :)


Pecks is the ring leader in a wifebeater.


His sole purpose for the break in is to steal food (specifically cheese) for the world's starving children. He condones the act of thievery due to his good intentions. He uses the philosophy of utilitarianism to support his motives. If an act is done out of it's usefulness to others welfare, then it is essentially good. A Robin Hood if you will.

Specs is the brainwave mastermind of group and mocks Peck's solution to world hunger stating that a few blocks of cheese will serve little usefulness.


He has a better idea based on his scientific data. He discovered that rabbits have a key mineral in them that could cure yellow fever if microwaved alive. However, it's at the expense for an innocent bunny.


Pecks is horrified at this solution. However Specs reasons that killing an animal for medicine is no worse than killing one for food. In the end, the animal isn't wasted and it benefits the survival of mankind.

Meanwhile in the garden, Rex is having conflicts with voices in his head. He finds himself willing to commit acts of robbery and other misdemeanors due to his nihilist beliefs that nothing matters.


He takes a few pills, but to no avail. The voices persist. He is told about Jesus and the reduction of all wants leading to resulting happiness. The voice reveals himself to be God, but Rex doesn't believe. He reminds God of Friedrich Nietzsche quote about God being Dead and people being Sheep!

However, Nietzsche is summoned by God to correct Rex's error. Nietzsche explains about the hypocracy behind moral values due to the different definitions over what is good and evil depending on social classes. He also refutes his quote claiming God is Dead. He insists that he got cut off and meant to say that God is Dead...head!

Cue Ungrateful Dead riff.

Upstairs, Pecks finds a surprise in the bedroom.


is the lusty femme fatale who suddenly wishes to take a break from stealing jewelery so that she can share a sexual interlude with Pecks.


Before Pecks can respond to such an offer, Specs arrives to condemn Sex for being a hedonist hussy. He also explains that her acts of hedonism were misguided. According to Epicurus, hedonism entails living life through pleasures, but those pleasures are drawn from friendships, good health and well being....not from momentary fulfillments of lust.

The Owner arrives early and at first is quick to call the cops, but the thieves are contrite and insist that their learned their lesson (and a little philosophy as well). The Owner relents and lets them off Scot Free due to not wishing to see their thinking minds rot in jail.

They almost get away with it too, until The Owner reappears again and shoots them all dead for killing his rabbit!


It was a fun time making it and I'm proud to say that the script was entirely written by me. I also took up the merciless task of editing. Now all that is left is the wrap party. :)

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Post by Jane Poirot »

I caught the Mrs. Robinson reference in the next-to-last photo.
You should at least find a way to divide it into a series of ten minute clips and put it up on YouTube; it sounds amazing.
Alternately, you could also find a website that allows videos to be hosted for longer than ten minutes.
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Post by cacums »

Haha Love it!

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Post by PeachFreak »

I love it. I nearly died of laughter when I saw you in the earrings.
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Post by WarnerPlum »

Sounds like a corker! It'll be good to see it! :lol:
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