Please give best wishes to my mum

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Please give best wishes to my mum

Post by CluedoKid »

This morning, she took a terrible tumble down the stairs breaking her wrist and fractured her pelvis. Currently, she is recovering in the hospital and is in (hopefully temporary) invalid condition. Her osteoporosis does not add a positive contribution in the matter as well.

Please give her your kind regards as she inches towards recovery Image

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Post by Poirotfrmda818 »

I for one give out my warmest wishes. I hope your mom recovers quickly.

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Post by Jane Poirot »

Aww, tell her to make a quick recovery!
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Post by TheWhitePawn »

Ouch! Pass along my regards! Hope she recovers well.
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Post by Kristev »

Yes, may she heal quickly and without pain.

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Post by Jamie »

Yes pass on our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Post by go_leafs_nation »

I too hope she recovers soon.
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Post by Adam106 »

Give her all my best wishes. Hopefully she'll make a quick, painless recovery and be alright. :(

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Post by WarnerPlum »

Wow, that's sad! :( I wish her all the best. Here's to a full recovery!
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Post by Lord Caspen »

Your family has my sympathies, CluedoKid. I hope she recovers fully and quickly.
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Post by PrinceAzure33 »

A big Get Well Soon wish to her! Hope all goes well, and smoothly.
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Post by Black »

I know what it's like to have my mother ill, hope she gets well Cluedokid.

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Post by cacums »

I wish her a speedy recovery and that there will be peace amoung you and your family... :(

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Post by PeachFreak »

I wish her the best. Hope she recovers soon.
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