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Mystery shows

Post by semicharm »

There's been no shortage of crime dramas over the years, along with others that have the general "whodunit" mystery format. What are some of your favorites? Or are at least worth mentioning.

To start, I'm not much of a fan of the standard "procedural", as most don't stray far from set formulas for character and plot. Don't get me wrong, some are well acted and written. I tend to prefer something a bit more...outside the box.

The Closer
A bit more "real" than most, not as flashy as the CSI series. Light levity helps considerably.

Prime Suspect
Mostly Helen Mirren, really.

Burn Notice
A burned spy becomes an off the books PI while investigating his mysterious dismissal from the CIA. A good series overall, but it slowly loses much of its lighthearted charm.

Contemporary retelling of the classic detective. Some of the episodes are hit and miss but Benedict Cumberbatch steals the show.

The Alienist
A psychologist and associates hunt a serial killer in a late 19th century New York miniseries. A solid, but fairly bleak series.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
A globetrotting socialite in the 1920s returns to Melbourne. She takes to using her charms and other mischievous skills to solve crimes--much to the chagrin of the local constable.

Scarlet and the Duke
Detective drama set in late 19th century London. A bit more straight-laced than Miss Fisher and the narrative seems unfocused in the beginning, but it gets tighter as the first season progresses.

Frankie Drake
Detective drama set in 1920s Toronto, similar to Miss Fisher with a more lighthearted tone. It's a little heavy handed with feminists themes, but the characters make the most of the more stereotypical roles of the era.

Detective Anna (Russian)
A young psychic becomes entangled in the murder mysteries of a small, late 19th century, town. (Notable winner and nominee in the 2017 Seoul International Drama Awards.)

An eccentric neuropsychiatrist helps solves crimes while dealing with hallucinations.

Balthazar (French)
The ostentatious titled forensic pathologist aids the city police catch killers through scientific observation and illusionary interviews with the recently deceased.

Black Spot (French Zone Blanche)
A big city prosecutor teams up with the local police to investigate a spike in murders around an isolated mill town. It has a Twin Peaks vibe--without the kooky Lynch nonsense.

Comedy drama about fake psychics who "help" the police solve crimes.

Comedy cop drama where the undead "living" among us can relive memories of the deceased by eating their brains. Gets off to a rough start, but OK overall.

An FBI Agent is sent to investigate a mysterious Maine town that has connections to her own past. Based on the Stephen King novel, Colorado Kid.

A team of bounty hunters work to maintain peace while struggling with their dark pasts and even darker conspiracies.

Somewhat of a science procedural, where an international lab and think-tank uses research to fight deadly diseases and disasters. If it were a board game, it's be a cross between Clue and Pandemic. Come to think of it, that could be an interesting idea...

A demon hunter calls upon his estranged brother to help find their missing father. Fewer of the later episodes have a who (or what) done it mystery theme, but I threw it in anyway.
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Re: Mystery shows

Post by BBP »

Mine's without a doubt the first two seasons of Jonathan Creek. I like the mix of comedy and stage magic elements, plus it has my favourite music piece ever as theme tune. I discovered them when they were first aired, when I'd tape them off the air. Things got taped over and it wasn't until years later we bumped into the first two series by accident - sure there had been Christmas specials and new shows with different actresses, but nothing that had the same golden mix of just the right kind of humour, just the right kind of puzzles and just the right energy.

Fortunately I found the DVD box of the first two seasons.

Yesterday, upon watching the DVD extras, I realized there were scenes that weren't on the DVD - so I watched an episode online that I'd only watched a day before - The Reconstituted Corpse - and found they cut about 10 minutes for my DVD version! The entire subplot about the elephant is gone, plus some scenes with Nigel Planer - including the ending, so the DVD version ends "weirdly".

It's a bit unfortunate but on the other hand it's given me another reason to watch them! :lol:

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Re: Mystery shows

Post by semicharm »

That's bizarre indeed. Why they'd butcher episodes on a DVD release is beyond me.

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Re: Mystery shows

Post by Black »

One of my favorite internet murder mystery shows is Murder Room by Rooster Teeth (it can be watched on their official website or on YouTube - the first option is better)

4 members of the Rooster Teeth panel make up a small jury and it's their job to solve the crime with the help of Foreman, Jon Risinger and an A.I. computer called Jessica - Jessica is able to predict the solution to a crime with a 99.2% accuracy, however, the law states that humans must be tried by humans and not machines. Jessica will reveal the culprit after the jury have made their accusation and the accused is sentenced and executed for their crime, regardless if they are innocent or guilty (Show takes place in Texas)

In each episode, Jessica and Jon (or in Season 2, a Detective) will introduce us to our case, explaining who got murdered, who the 3 suspects are, and details about the crime. Our victim is a fashion model, RUBY,she was strangled with a silk scarf; the prime suspects for this case are her younger sister, SAPPHIRE - Ruby's rival, EMERALD and the fashion designer TOPAZ

The team has 30 minutes to solve the crime but in later episodes, the team is given 3 Time Outs to give them some breathing time and come up with a plan.
Each suspect might have some evidence that pertains to them (but not always) these pieces of evidence could be in the form of witnesses (who also have to be questioned) text messages, physical evidence, etc

Before the timer starts, the team have to decide which of the 3 suspects they wish to put on the Back Burner. The suspect who is on the back burner is locked for the moment along with their evidence - this allows the jury to focus on two suspects. They can unlock the 3rd suspect from the backburner but to do this, they have to exonerate a suspect. FOR THIS EXAMPLE. The jury choose to place SAPPHIRE on the backburner due to lack of evidence - The jury have finished questioning EMERALD and TOPAZ as well as examine their pieces of evidence and they decide to eliminate EMERALD - after questioning the third suspect, they must accuse SAPPHIRE or TOPAZ - Although it is possible that they have exonerated the murderer but they can't do anything about that.

Jessica can be used throughout the investigation, she is the forensic specialist and can provide any information asked of her like, whose fingerprints are on the weapon, what was the victim's clothes like etc.
All interrogations of suspects and witnesses are done over the phone and any question goes - Suspects and witnesses are asked to be honest with their answers but it's up to them if they tell lies (not 100% sure if it's like Cluedo)

When the team makes their accusation, the accused to charged, sentenced and executed within 5 seconds. Jessica then reveals who the murderer is:
JON - "Jessica, we have convicted SAPPHIRE for RUBY'S murder, please record the conviction and proceed with the sentence."
JESSICA - "Thank you, counsel and Mr. Foreman, you decision has been recorded and the penalty phase is now in progress. Completion in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... <Suspect is dead> - I am now ready to make my calculation of the killer - CALCULATING.


If you watch the show on the Rooster Teeth website and you are a FIRST member, you get to watch the show, MURDER ROOM: AFTER THE VERDICT where the team discuss the case a little further and we find out some clues that were missed by the team

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