Stupid Spam Mail

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Stupid Spam Mail

Post by Michael »

I don't usually read spam mail, but for some reason I opened one today. It had a bunch of random sentences at the top to make it appear legitimate to filters, but one sentence caught my eye. It began, "We knowingly bestow great honor upon our vacuum cleaner..."

Yeah... this makes me just want to JUMP at the opportunity of buying whatever crap the email is selling. What's WRONG with these people?!
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Post by CluedoKid »

Ive seen much, MUCH worse

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Post by go_leafs_nation »

I've been applying for scholarships lately, so I ended up opening an e-mail today. Apparently, you now automatically qualify (without entering anything) for scholasrhips worth $1.7 million...

Stupid spam.
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Re: Stupid Spam Mail

Post by WarnerPlum »

Michael wrote:"We knowingly bestow great honor upon our vacuum cleaner..."
Somedays I wish I could do that same...

Have you got a spam filter?
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Post by Black »

I don't bother, I just delete the dam n things

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