Eaton Centre Live Clue.

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Eaton Centre Live Clue.

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For once, a Clue event came to Toronto and I was more than eager to attend with a couple of friends.
Facebook Group wrote:Improv in Toronto invites you all to participate in a real life version of your favourite board game, CLUE!

Using your super detective skills, you will be solving a difficult murder mystery. Help us find out who murdered Mr. Boddy! We are counting on you!


When: 3:00PM on Saturday, November 14.
Where: The Eaton Centre
Bring: Something to write down all your clues on (very important)


SUSPECTS: Mr. Green, Ms. Peacock, Col. Mustard, Prof. Plum, Ms. Scarlett, Ms. White.

WEAPONS: Golf Club, Wii Remote, Coat Hanger, Rope, Ski Pole, Trophy.

LOCATIONS: Indigo, HMV, Abercrombie, H&M, Apple Store, Le Chateau.


Due to the large numbers of people this type of mission attracts, no meet up will be required. At exactly 3:00PM the mission begins!

Six suspects will be located in various locations all around the Eaton Centre. Your task is to find them within the Eaton Centre and get the information they hold. Each will be dressed their part, in the appropriate colours.

Once you have located a suspect, you will be required to complete a task in order to convince them to hand over the information.

Once you find out from all the suspects what they know, you're almost done.

The most important part, is deciphering the information. The six clues will be similar to a word puzzle. REMEMBER: The innocent suspects will tell the truth, but be warned, the murderer will be lying!

Once you have solved the puzzle, and think you know what the weapon and location of the murder is, along with who the culprit is, YOUR FINAL job is to go to the detective located at the fountain (in the middle of the mall), and tell him the answer!

We highly suggest this event, a ton of work has gone into it! And be sure to bring along your friends, some teamwork may help you solve the mystery faster (if you like prizes!).

So spread the word!


Where will the characters be located?
-The characters can be found ANYWHERE in the whole of the Eaton Centre. They will not be located at the actual murder scenes.

Will you be selling IT T-shirts?
-Yes! Please buy one for just $20 and support our organization, so we can continue running fun events in Toronto!

What does it mean the clues are a word puzzle?
-Once you have all 6 clues, you must carefully look at them. The clue from the murderer is a lie, but the rest are truth. Knowing that one person`s clue is a lie, you must figure out who it is, and then solve the mystery!.

- This mission is run by -

It was terrific fun and I was pleased that the suspects were based off the original characters and not the new renditions. Grand Prize would have been a Reinvention copy, followed by a 2003 travel edition as 2nd prize. Everyone who was correct after that won a lollipop.

I can't discredit the probable exercise we got from roaming the entire mall trying to locate the suspects. We found them all in the end. Mrs. White was located almost right at the Fountain start, whereas Col. Mustard took us little longer. Needless to say, we found him last.

The suspects looked reasonable. Mrs. Peacock had the best outfit wearing a blue ensemble and a small, but effective feather hat.
Mr. Green and Prof. Plum both wore shirts of their respective colour (though Plum also wore a tie).
Mrs. White had a sexy french maid outfit.
Col. Mustard sported white pants and blazer, a yellow undershirt and a waterproof camping tilly hat.
Miss Scarlett was a tad under-glamorized with a simple red dress and black leggings.

Out of all of them, Prof. Plum seemed to be the most into it. Also, there was somebody with each suspect who'd help do their job so that each suspect wasn't overwhelmed with a line up of people, but I wish the person with Peacock didn't wear a purple suit as I mistakened him for Prof. Plum. Once a suspect was located, we had to solve a mission given by them. Once solved, they'd tell us what they knew.

I'll tell you guys the suspect's mission and their respective info.

White - Find out the most expensive hand soap at Shoppers Drug Mart.
CLUE: The murder took place in either HMV or Apple Store.

Green - (Can't remember his mission. We overheard him retelling his clue to another player, thus rendering the mission needless.)
CLUE: Mrs. Peacock is telling the truth. The weapon cannot be the Trophy as he was examining it the whole time.

Peacock - Name two stores that sell jewelry and spell SWAROVSKI.
CLUE: The murder was not committed in a store that sold clothing.

Plum - Who was Henry VIII's second wife?
CLUE: He was in Indigo the entire time and he saw a bloody sports item that could either have been the golf club or ski pole.

Scarlet - What colour are the chairs in Abercrombie & Fitch?
CLUE: She heard a scream near HMV and saw blood. The weapon was not the Rope.

Mustard - Non-trivial. The player was challenged to a thumb war.
CLUE: He saw Plum lurking about and is certain he's the killer. The weapon was either the ski pole or the coat hanger.

Eventually, we had gathered the information and settled that we'd go up one by one to give our answers so that we had more chances. Both Chris and Renata we're wrong, as they both said Prof. Plum, but then I overheard that Col. Mustard was the killer. Using this cheated knowledge, we based the facts around him lying and I went up to accuse -

Col. Mustard with the Golf Club at HMV!

We won lollipops.

The unlucky sap who won grand prize got to walk proudly home with a sealed copy of the Reinvention.
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Whoops. I just realized MissScarletDiditDoIt also made a topic for this.

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Re: Eaton Centre Live Clue.

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CluedoKid wrote:
Green - (Can't remember his mission. We overheard him retelling his clue to another player, thus rendering the mission needless.)

I've just been informed that Mr. Green's mission for players was to name the face on the Canadian 100$ bill.

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I found some pictures of the suspects on-line.

Mrs. White and her assistant


Mr. Green (back facing camera) getting questioned.


Mrs. Peacock.


Professor Plum outside of Indigo.


Miss Scarlett giving her clues.


Colonel Mustard (in white blazer) commenced in a thumb war.


Two of the detectives.


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Miss Scarlet did it with her cast!

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It's obvious that the guy who is holding the card bearly plays Cluedo in the first image.

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Sounds exciting!
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Despite my 'begging' to go, I couldn't.

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