Who Killed Mister Boddy?

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Who Killed Mister Boddy?

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Hello, fellow Clue devotees! Like many of you, I have also invented a way for us to play Clue together (more of a parody/spinoff than a true Clue but still very much in keeping with the values and comedic appeal of the game). I have a couple of online mystery parties coming up!

Gameplay is live and hosted by me (Auntie Boddy). Together we stretch the limits of Zoom by exploring breakout rooms with scenes in the mansion and clue pointing to a mysterious sequence of events that culminated in Mister Boddy's untimely demise.

For anyone who's available and interested, you are wholeheartedly invited to find out: Who Killed Mister Boddy?
For mystery fans who love a good Clue... Who Killed Mister Boddy?

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