[Single Player] A Clue game

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[Single Player] A Clue game

Post by Telimbo »

Because I'm studying web development and, of course, because I love Clue, I created a little game, and thought it would be nice to share it with other fans, even if it's just a little-somethin' I made for fun and with no great ambitions !

You may encounter errors in the text, so don't be shy and tell me about it : my native language is French. I'll be glad to correct any error :)

To try it online you click here :
Cluedo - Murder at the Tudor Mansion
/!\ The host is cheap, so it loads quite slowly the sounds and images, so be patient... and sorry about that, I can't afford any better ! :(
> If you know a nice free host that allows PHP, let me know.

To play on your computer you will need a server like WAMP (for windows) or LAMP (for Linux). It's free and allow you to run .php files on your web browser.

When you have a server on your computer, you just have to unzip the Cluedo game in your "www" file, open your server home on your web browser and run the cluedo.php file after that !

The Cluedo Game File . ZIP
The host is french : choose a speed in the list like "2m40s en 512Kbps" and then click on "Valider et télécharger le fichier" surrounded by red.

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Post by Black »

I've had a quick go of this and it looks fun.

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Post by ZachBlack000 »

Black wrote: Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:08 pm I've had a quick go of this and it looks fun.
What does it look like?

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Re: [Single Player] A Clue game

Post by Scarlet Miz »

I was excited!

I love clue and am a solo player.

Then I clicked the link and it was broken. Not before I realized this thread is almost 10 years old, though!

LOL. Oh, well.

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