Cluedo books

Looking to buy, sell or trade something Clue/Cluedo. Check here.

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Cluedo books

Post by Black » ... 1558.l2649

Nothing special, only the detect-it-yourself books.

I've never really read them, so I decided to sell.

Anyone interested?

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Post by alwaysPeacock »

I actually am interested in these books. I'm going to keep an eye on the eBay page, see how my finances are looking in 2 days (for buying something as a treat for myself).
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Post by stive951 »

I have been collecting Clue/do since my teens, and have a massive collection, which I am condensing if anyone is looking for something in particular?

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Post by petre »


These are two books that were published in the UK in 1991. Both start by the six suspects arriving at Tudor Close a year or so after the death of Dr. Black. They have been told to come prepared with a mystery from their past - whether burglary, prank or Murder - for them to recount over dinner. Throughout the stories, the reader must remember details of the story and study the pictures closely, as they are tested at regular intervals. Each story ends with a whodunit or howdidtheydoit; which is answered just before the next chapter. The book ends with a small mystery aligned to the dinner party. This is also explained before the end of the book.
Book List:

Cluedo Detect-It-Yourself Mysteries 1
Cluedo Detect-It-Yourself Mysteries 2

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