Target - Discover The Secrets SALE

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Target - Discover The Secrets SALE

Post by Murder by Death »

Discover the Secrets is currently on a clearance sale at Target for $13!

It sells for $17 on Amazon and $18 @ Toys R Us, and usually sells for $19 at Target.

Could this mean that we're about to see a refresh of the game for the holiday season? Maybe Hasbro has learned the error of their ways? ... Naw!

On a related note, Toys R Us is selling Secrets In Paris for $13. If you don't have it, now is the time to get it. Even if you're not a fan of the reinvention, I think this is one edition worth having. As long as you ignore the ridiculous premise, and just play as if one of the students murdered their teacher (you can just imagine the delicious reasons why), then this is one of the better designed editions. The artwork is beautiful and the detailing and quality of the componets is above average. Far more satisfying than the standard edition or any of the licensed variants.

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Post by cacums »

I'm sure none of us would buy it for $0.25

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Post by Michael »

I can't stand to look at the Secrets in Paris game in stores because I WAY overpaid for it. It was when it was just released. I paid some crazy amount like $50 for it at the Times Square Toys R Us under the assumption that there was something special about the game.
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Post by Murder by Death »

Well, as much as I hate DTS, I would buy it for .25 cents just to complete my collection.

And Michael, I feel your pain. While I stand by my appraisal of Secrets In Paris, it is certainly not worth what they were charging for it, nor are any of the special editions that have come out in the last two years.

I can't help but feel they are liquidating stock on Secrets in Paris before the holiday season, either because a new special edition is coming, or it isn't selling well.

But the Target sale is surprising. Could it just be a Summer sale to move games at a slow time, or are they also trying to clear out old product in anticipation of new product for Christmas? It's too soon to update Discover the Secrets, isn't it? Unless it really tanked ...

I mean "Secrets and Spies" had a similar drop a couple of months ago, but that was clearly marked as "clearance" and has obviously been discontinued.

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Post by WarnerPlum »

That ugly game is worth less than that!!
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