Japanese Detective Conan Clue

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Japanese Detective Conan Clue

Post by macphile »

I'm desperate (like "sell my soul" desperate) to get my hands on the Detective Conan Clue game. I'm a huge Clue fan, of course, but I'm also a huge DC fan, so this is like the holy grail of...holy grails.

Anyway, I've searched eBay (various versions), I've searched Japanese auctions, I've searched...everything. I even asked a Japanese e-pal about it. So I guess I'm wondering if anyone knows of a resource out there I don't know about? Some website I haven't tried?


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Post by Brian »

I've heard of Detective Conan. I don't really watch it; I'm afraid I don't really know where to get it.

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Post by Scrunchy3 »

Bumping this as I am looking for one of these too

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Post by ragstorichesfan »

I bought mine from Amazon Japan. It cost me about $50 plus shipping,but worth it.

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