Clue: RIVERDALE Edition

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Clue: RIVERDALE Edition

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Just in time for Christmas! I don’t know when this came out, but it’s still using the old 2011 edition board layout. It’s also a little too derivative of the other Warner Bros. games, like SUPERNATURAL and BIG BANG, which I actually thought were pretty clever. ... 42604.html
The idyllic town of Riverdale has a secret. Among the town's most iconic locations lies the answers to the questions everyone is whispering... who killed Jason Blossom? What weapon did they use? Where did they kill him? Was it Betty Cooper showing her dark side, using a baseball bat at Riverdale High? Or was it Jughead Jones choosing Maple Syrup as the poisonous culprit at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe? Only you can solve the mystery in a town where nothing is at it seems.
Ages 15+; 2 - 6 players6 suspects: Archie, Josie, Cheryl, Betty, Jughead and Veronica6 weapons: snake, pearl necklace, guitar, convertible, maple syrup Paper; plastic; metalImported

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Re: Clue: RIVERDALE Edition

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I think the reason why USMonopoly is reusing the same board is to have a quicker game and it might be more easily to produce.

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Re: Clue: RIVERDALE Edition

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I've noticed with USAopoly Clue. They probably have someone research the film/tv show/game to get references. but a lot of the budget goes into the unqic weapon tokens and licence. I think that because if you look at Rick & Morty Clue. The Suspects have these unqic figures but the weapons are little cardboard round pieces. So I understand why most of the boards (not including Bob's Burger's Clue) look vary copy paste. Gotta spend the money on the licence and the weapon molds.

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Re: Clue: RIVERDALE Edition

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Branding Clue as "The Classic Mystery Game" has allowed USAopoly (and Hasbro) to tailor their games' premises to their themed material (often relying on theft or similar crimes/indiscretions), but Riverdale's use of Jason Blossom's murder is jarring considering that it is a mystery within the show's first season that is solved definitively. Also, the show has an aesthetic that seems easily adaptable to Clue beyond the CW-promo-image-collage format they went with for the box and board, especially for that MSRP. For USAopoly Clue games, Bob's Burgers stands out as the one where the theme and source game met on common ground.

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