So has everyone given up on a 20th Anniversery DVD?

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So has everyone given up on a 20th Anniversery DVD?

Post by ArtStar »

Hey- I'm back.... again. lol.

Well... i went on IMDb and saw that alot of people there had given up on the chance of a 20th Anniversery DVD which made me sad. and it seems to be the same here too.
I really wish there was one because few people have seen the deleted scenes and such.
if anyone know of a full script, start to finish, complete with deleted scenes.. i'd love to see it.

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Post by alwaysPeacock »

Talk to Michael.
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Post by ClueBoy12 »

well now, if my call to paramount did nothing i'm mad! :lol:

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Post by Whodunit »

You should try calling again
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Post by CluedoKid »

heres some encouragement

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Post by PoirotMarlowe304 »

yes, everyone gave up ....

of course they'll come out with one w/ the deleted scenes eventually

they have deleted scenes from Casablanca for crying out loud! well, there's no soudn, but there are pictures w/ subtitles on the Special Edition DVD

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Oh, thanks!

Post by Lord Caspen »

Hey, PoirotMarlowe, you've given me new hope!

Yeah, deleted scenes, alternate takes. I doubt there'd be screen tests for most of this crowd, but if there were any, that'd be cool. Commentary would be even better. I go back and forth whether I like that stuff, because some of these directors talk through all the best parts saying not very much of anything ... but I think it could be fun.
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