Worthy of an Episode of the Office Clue Gaff

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Worthy of an Episode of the Office Clue Gaff

Post by Murder by Death »

So I stumbled across this Human Resources conference website. I can't access the password protected site, but doesn't this seem like the most Inapropriate promotion one can imagine for Human Resources? I can just see Michael doing this on the Office ...


So the Conference Speaker, murdered the victim with the Presentation, in the convention center ... LOL


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Post by chaostheory1489 »

Well, "kill" and its synonyms can have positive meanings. For instance:

"Did you see John give that presentation?"
"Yeah, man, he killed in there!"


"That presentation blew us away!"

So really, it's just saying the conference Speaker impressed the audience with the Presentation in the Convention Center. And when you look at it that way, it actually makes a lot of sense.

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