National Toy Museum Snubs Clue Again

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National Toy Museum Snubs Clue Again

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There have been 50 inductees since the museum was founded in 1998.

Monopoly was inducted as the only board game in the first group of 17 toys. I'll give them that one, but since that time, Checkers, Scrabble, Candy Land, and the Game of Life have all beaten out Clue. Considering a decade ago Clue was the second all time best selling board game in the world, this is kind of a slap in the face. Instead this year they chose a brand toy -- Star Wars figurines, and generic dominos.

It also sets a dangerous precedent -- it is e first branded toy not originally created as a toy (G.I. Joe), but instead licensed for a toy.

Just so we're clear on what a travesty this is, both a literal card-board box and a stick have beaten out Clue in the past as well.

We all need to write strongly worded letters to the museum and make it the goal of Clue fans worldwide that 2013 should be the year of Clue (and appropriately so).

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Post by alwaysPeacock »

I find it bizarre that a game which, like you said, was the 2nd best selling game for a long time, and which has spawned not only spin-off board games BUT a major motion picture (regarded now as a cult classic) would not be included.

I mean, it's CLUE. When any normal person thinks of board games, Clue is bound to come up in their list of childhood games (most likely after Monopoly and Checkers of course).
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Post by supergeeky »

I have to admit I am confused as well! I mean, what gives? I plan on writing something for sure! Clue is not only something I collect but it is something from my childhood. It is classic!

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Post by WarnerPlum »

WHAAAT???? Can't they leave Star Wars ALONE?!? It gets WAY too much attention!! :shock:
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Post by chaostheory1489 »

If they're anything like the National Film Registry, they not only induct a limited number each year, but they like to induct a mix of obvious and more obscure stuff. For instance, the inductees for 2012 included Breakfast at Tiffany's, A Christmas Story, Dirty Harry, Anatomy of a Murder, and A League of Their Own, among others. No one would argue those aren't classics, but it took over twenty years to be chosen.

They do that to make sure lesser known works get archived, but they also do it because they know if they induct all the A-list stuff at once, the individual games won't get as much attention as they should.

And since I just looked at the list, there's nothing you can argue that doesn't belong there. You just have to remember that it's a TOY hall of fame, not a BOARD GAME hall of fame, and "toy" is a huge category. But since that's the case, they should probably induct more than two or three things each year.

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