Cluedo: The Mysteries on YouTube

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Re: Cluedo: The Mysteries on YouTube

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Black wrote: Mon Apr 13, 2020 2:22 pm Bloody *beep*, this was nearly 10 years ago - God I miss this series
I know these were amazingly done! I loved them! It was actually this series that led me to this forum too!

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Re: Cluedo: The Mysteries on YouTube

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Yeah, I have no clue why I took them down. All I know it, I don't have the original files, or Sims 2 any more sadly!

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Re: Cluedo: The Mysteries on YouTube

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I remember kicking myself when it came to episode 3, sure the blue team won but I remember making my suggestion before going out for the night but as soon as I got to the corner of the street, I knew the answer because I thought about it

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