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Top 5 TV Show Episodes

Post by Adam106 »

Thought it would make a good topic for everyone to post their top five episodes of the Cluedo UK tv show. The episodes can be from any of the four seasons and even the Christmas special.

Post away!

I would say mine were:

1. Deadly Dowry; most complex, well-written episode in terms of mystery and the how-done-it, the solution is just awesome.
2. Fatal Distraction; again, pretty good solution and I loved the victim in this one.
3. The Hanged Man; really great solution only actually solveable through a visual clue - finally taking advantage of it being on the screen.
4. Going, Going, Goner; brilliant solution and confession, alone. Though not one of the best plotted episodes, it holds a retain of re-watchability.
5. Blackmail and the Fourth Estate; good episode with a classicly vile blackmailing victim who sort of reminds me of Dr. Black, anyway.
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Post by PrinceAzure33 »

I couldn't decide, so I won't make a list for now, but how about adding reasons to why each episode was a favorite?
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Post by Adam106 »

PrinceAzure33 wrote:I couldn't decide, so I won't make a list for now, but how about adding reasons to why each episode was a favorite?

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Post by Jamie »

My top 5 would be..... (and as they say in reality TV vote-offs), in no particular order....

1.1 COUNTDOWN - Kinda special simply because it was the first one, and the whole 'secreted myself behind the curtain' line.
1.3 GOING, GOING, GONER - Totally down to the confession.
3.3 MURDER IN MERRIE ENGLAND - Again, the confession was great, as was Peacock's outfit :D
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - I thought that some of the Christmas cast were great and I wish we could seen them do a whole series and each do a murder and confession.
3.4 AND THEN THERE WERE NUNS - Because I liked the killer's motive, and the fact that it was solvable with the clue about the WWOTR.

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Post by Adam106 »

Jamie wrote:1.3 GOING, GOING, GONER - Totally down to the confession.
Completely agree! It's a classic in it's own right. :D

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Post by A Touch of Murder »

1) The Bolivian Connection-- Very unique and exciting plot. Colonel Mustard and Mrs Peacock's wedding is interrupted by Mr Peacock, back from the grave! Season 2's cast seemed like a believable family/social unit (opposed to random actors playing the characters), and in this episode especially. Rula Lenska is great as Peacock.

2) Deadly Dowry-- Another great plot. Love the female cast in this series-- Susan George, Lysette Anthony, and Pam Ferris).

3) Blackmail and the fourth estate- Classic Clue(do) plot.

4) Going going goner-- SOLELY because of Stephanie Beacham (and of course June Whitfield)

5) Christmas Special-- I also would have loved to see this cast in a 6 episode season. Toyah Wilcox, David Robb, and Kate O'Mara were great.

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Post by Black »

I liked alot of them so it was difficult to pick.

5 - Traveler's Tale (2.5) When I did this episode with my parents. They did not suspect the killer at all.

4 - Seven Deadly Sinners (4.2) A lot of memeroble and comical moments in this episode.

3 - Christmas Past. Christmas Present. Not to hard, not to easy to solve. I liked it as it was based on the movie.

2 - Polotician's Funeral (1.5) - June Whitfield was just dam n funny acting drunk. Not to mention that one of us is nearly named after the victim.

It's a tie for 1st between "Murder in merry England" and "Deadly Dowry" because of what A Touch of Murder said about the acting. It was fantastic, wasn't to difficult to solve, and easy to remember.

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Post by Morrell »

Ooh, great idea. Although it's very difficult to select only five, I would say mine would have to be

5th - A Bridge Too Far. like other episodes in the first series, feels different to later series in that there are lots of other guests around the place and I think this makes the episode seem more natural (it's hard to explain). Not too difficult to solve, this was just about the only occasion I could pinpoint the murderer at the start. I do prefer later series though, as I think a good addition was the suspect line-up.

4th - Christmas Cluedo. Superb casting, a very "clue the movie" kind of feel (in terms of receiving presents etc.) Plus it was 45 minutes. I often wonder why the murder is not shown though - the confession although good feels a little incomplete, but nonetheless an excellent episode!

3rd - And Then There Were Nuns. My reasons for this selection are a little different to all the others, but I used to record every episode, but this one didn't play on the video at all. So I only saw this once, before acquiring the episodes 15 or so years later. But as I remembered elements of it very clearly, there must have been something I liked about it! I liked the added intrigue of the emeralds too and Miss Scarlett wielding the parasol.

2nd - Fatal Distraction. Loved the 2nd season cast in particular, the plot was interesting and reasonably difficult to pinpoint the killer without a fair bit of thought. I liked how the wapon is not seen till near the end, only then really giving any indication as to what was used and linking it to a certain room.

1st - Murder in Merrie England. I have chosen this as my favourite as I think that the solution and confession was spot-on in terms of what had happened in the episode. Unlike other episodes where the location and weapon were a little obscure, here we have a solution that can be figured out (remembering where Rev. Green had thrown the weapon). Also, as has been mentioned, loved Mrs Peacock's outfit too.

These are only my opinions of course, but I have enjoyed reading what other episodes have meant to different people. I have to say, there isn't an episode I dislike to be honest!

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Post by cluedoking123 »

this is at morell:
I think that the Christmas confession is like the one from Going, Going Goner...For some reason its cut short. In going going goner Mrs. Peacock starts out by saying " I didn't mean to decapitate him!" Instead of i didn't mean to kill him.
So I'm assume something similar happened. Or maybe she just forgot. I bet they were running around in circles for a bit and that the filming took a couple of hours. so she was probably just tired. I mean even James Balini doesn't do his "It was was the...but as to the...well it was in fact..." YOu know

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