The Office Clue Now Available

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The Office Clue Now Available

Post by Michael »

I was in JC Penny yesterday and noticed they had a display of The Office Clue.
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Post by WarnerPlum »

The Office Clue! Whatever next?
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Post by Niteshade007 »

I want it, but I'll probably wait until Christmas to get it.

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Post by Mr. Sterling Silver »

I thought this had been out for a while already. I saw it a month ago at the local Books-a-Million.

If anyone wants to see details, here's the link to the page for it in the Billiard Room at "Welcome to Boddy Manor":

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Post by go_leafs_nation »

This actually doesn't look too bad...
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Post by Kristev »

Oh, how disgusting.

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Post by TheWhitePawn »

Niteshade007 wrote:I want it, but I'll probably wait until Christmas to get it.
Me too :)
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Post by PeachFreak »

I saw it in JC Penney, but I'm not a big Office fan, so I probably won't get it, at least not right now.
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Post by Quadsworth »

I like the office, but the art looks awful, and it is way too overpriced.

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Post by chaostheory1489 »

I bought it, and I like it. It's got a good attention to detail, and I expect nothing less than that from USAopoly.

The setup is clever (it's a murder mystery team-building exercise), the workplace setting actually uses the starkness of the Discover The Secrets board to its advantage, and all of the weapons - George Foreman grill, Mr. A. Knife, Rabid Bat, etc. - could plausibly be used to kill someone...with the exception of the Ream of Paper. The clue pads are drawn on Dunder-Mifflin stationary.

When I first heard about this, I was disappointed because in the past USAopoly had been good at using brands that made sense with the Clue setting, but The Office didn't seem like a continuance of that. However, after buying it, it seems to me like they decided to focus more on the changes that Discover The Secrets made and make a game where those changes would actually make sense. And on top of that, they created a scenario that works both for The Office and for Clue (similar to what they did with The Simpsons). All in all, I think it's great, but a little pricey.

I'm still less than excited about Seinfeld Clue, however, but I hope the same amount of care is taken with it as was with this game.

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Post by Black »

Office Clue, Yeah. I can die happy now :evil: :twisted:

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