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Sorry it didn't work out too well! :(
The two women exchanged the kind of glance women use when no knife is handy.
~Ellery Queen
At the Scene of the Crime

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cacums wrote:Unless Poirotfrmda wants to do a grand confession... this topic should be ignored....
Well, I will post what cacums sent me about how I committed the murder:

Mrs. Peacock watches Dr. Black exits the Drawing Room laughing and enter the music room. Mrs. Peacock follows, clutching her note close to her chest. She enters the Music room to see Dr. Black turn to her.
“You are just the ***** I was looking for.� Dr. Black says
“How did you… What…� Mrs. Peacock is lost for words once more
“Let me save you the trouble, the day you started showing affection for me, I knew you were up to something.� Dr. Black says, “So what will it be? I go to the authorities or you do it yourself?�
Mrs. Peacock drops the note and tackles Dr. Black. They land on the chair near the violin. She grabs the piano wire and wraps it around his neck. She squeezes tightly and blood seeps out from around the wire. She grinds her teeth as she pulls hard on the wire. Dr. Black falls limp and she holds it for a few more seconds.
“There!� she says out of breath. Mrs. Peacock peeks into the hall just as Mrs. White enters the Dining Room. She rushes down the stairs and tosses him into the coal bin. She then rushes out and into the Study just as the Dining Room door opens again and Mrs. White exits…

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