The 2nd New Game of Clue- Another One Bites The Dust

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Post by cacums »

We don't know when Harlequin will be returning... hopefully soon...

Perhaps she decided to go on a three month vacation... idk... perhaps we should wait until she gets back...

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Post by Poirotfrmda818 »

Perhaps this topic should be left to rest in peace.

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Post by CMustardwPipeinLibrary »

In the meantime, I'd like to host "A Sixth Good Detective Game of Clue." But I can't come up with a good setting for it. Should I just return to the mansion, or does anyone have a better idea?
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Post by MissScarletDidntDoIt »

I say we wait a while for another RPG... I have been getting huge workloads lately (midterms). But, of course, the world doesn't revolve around me...

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